baby leash, anyone?

so i've been toying with the idea of buying a "child harness" for the boogerbear. everytime i touch one though i get a creepy feeling that i'm hindering his development and independence. on the other hand that kid is everywhere and at some point i'm done chasing him and i put him in his stroller to save my sanity, but also feeling guilty that i'm not letting him be a free spirit... i know. freakin hippies.

so, i formed a possibly wrong opinion about these harnesses a long time ago when i would see kids in and think how it looked like the kid was on a leash and how cruel that was. now, i want to let the boogerbear walk where ever and whenever he wants to, but i simply cant keep up after my lightening quick toddler sometimes.

so, what do you guys think? anyone ever owned one or witnessed the use of these things? do we think it would actually give a kid more freedom in the long run or would in inhabit his growth?


Kelly said...

Hell yes and we have that same monkey one. I love it because the leash ("tail") clips off and it just looks like a little backpack. Dom even LOVED wearing it. I figured I needed one when Dom was probably 14 months old and I was shopping at the Gap. He INSISTED on dancing to the music, but I wanted to find my size in a certain sweater. There was NO WAY I could stand there and look at sweaters and be able to let him dance. I felt like I had to keep at least one hand or foot on him AT ALL times so he wouldn't a) run out the door or b) be kidnapped since we were at an outdoor mall.

Honestly, I hate that they are referred to as "leashes" People think that you are just dragging your kid around, but that's not it, we would walk side by side, I even held his hand, but in those instances where I might need to turn my head another direction, I wanted to make sure he wasn't running off the other way. I say go for it. Who gives a flip what other people think, just know you are doing it for your own sanity and your child's protection. :)

Kirbs said...

When I was home for my baby shower, both my MIL and mother said, "Our grandchild will NOT be put on a leash." I think I want to get one just to spite them. I really don't know how I feel about them, but like Kelly said - who gives a shit? Get it, try it out, and if it works for you, then great. If not, sell it on EBay.

hollystar said...

i did order one. i'm not sure if i'll use it yet, but its nice to know its there if i feel the need arrise. hey, whats one more thing in the diaper bag?

Kirby, as for your mom and MIL, my mom said the same thing when i told her about it. my response was: are you going to be the one chasing him as he terrorizes malls and airports across america? she didnt say anything else.

Schmutzie said...

It's not as though you would have your child on it constantly. For short spurts to save your sanity and keep the kid from running into trouble in crowded situations sounds like a good idea to me.

My mother never used one with me, but she did with my brother, and he is presently the one who does the most adventuring (he's living in Thailand and touring India right now).

hollystar said...

exactly. i cannot imagine using this harness in any other situation. i think thats where the "cruel" stigma comes from. thinking that some of these parents over use a harness as a way to control instead of protect!

well kelly, looks like our boys are going to be globe trotters like their daddies if they follow a pattern that Schmutzie's brother had laid out.

Kelly said...

haha definitely Holly. Believe me, it's good for those times when they just DON'T understand the danger of running away from us in the parking lot.

I should also note that Dom is VERY well behaved now, and holds my hand whenever I deem necessary. My niece on the other hand, HATES to hold hands when crossing the street or at any other crazy place she really should be holding a hand. We haven't used ours in probably a year, and I think it's because Dom realized that I was just trying to keep him by me, you know? (I say that, and now he is probably going to go crazy tomorrow and run out in the middle of a damn parking lot)

Jo said...

Hello! I have been checking out your blog for a while now and I love it! Just wanted to chime in on the leash thing...I have the monkey leash for my kid. It's a little embarrassing, but I figure it beats losing my kid at Disneyland. I don't think it should be an everyday thing, but it comes in handy in highly congested environments!


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