minor road block

not a whole lot going on currently. long weekend, but kinda laying low. plans for griiling something meaty on the horizon though.

i've been trying to get all i could done in tyler's scrapbook. i want to have it up to date by his birthday party. i'm actually quite proud of the results. i'm not so proud of my inability to scan said pages in and onto this computer. that multitasker printer that i used to be so proud of isnt as multitasking as i am apparently. so, i'm on the search for some place that does 12x12 scanning. first im going to see if the copy machine at ben's work place does it. then i may call kinkos. then i dont know. maybe i'll just buy a something with 12x12 capability. i wonder if they have homeoffice 12x12 print/scan/copy machines? if so, that would be superdooper. i have this really nifty idea involving printing on fabric. 12x12 pages would stretch my options with that project. BUT more about that later. I'm trying to clean my plate, not add another helping of mashed potatoes!

anywho, i think i need to go pack my scrapbooking suppies away for the time being so i can tackle the next project i have laying around. zoom!


gross, random, yummy, cute and interesting

Ugh. Bad day. I feel like my uterus is about to fall out. Ok. I know. TMI. Anywho, here are my recent thoughts in a somewhat organized fashion:

Garden Gnomes. They’re everywhere. I no longer feel unique having the peculiar little fellows randomly around our house. Not that I love them any less. I just never envisioned garden gnomes to become a hot item again.

(random gnomes found at target!)

Dinner. I made it. It was yummy. Cioppino Pasta sauce with steamed clams and capellini.

here are our clams hanging out in a brine solution. one even stuck its tongue out at me!

mmm... cioppino.


Earings. I made some. Quick. Easy. Something I can actually wear with out threat of Tyler ripping my ear lobes. Here are some photos.

Tyler’s wiener. He found it! I know it’s a kind of pervie thing to discuss, but it is definitely in my top 5 of hilarious parenting moments. He was in the bath. He wouldn’t let the thing go. I even had enough time to get the video camera and get a good minute or two of it on film. SCORE! That’s future blackmail material if I ever saw it!


i enjoy events involving paper bracelets.

This weekend ZOOMED by! Friday night I toiled in the kitchen making 5dozen chocolate chip cookies for a party for my nephews and niece. Then first thing Saturday morning the husband, baby and I headed over to a local park for said party. It was a nice sunny day that left me burnt due to expired sunscreen. Did you know sunscreen really expired? Well, it does. The whole family was there pretty much and the kids had a really good time all costumed up. After hanging out with them for a while we took a drive up into the Santa Cruz Mountains for a bit to let Tyler sleep and headed to the Tyrolean Inn where we participated in the Maifest. It was super fun and I got great photos. As I soaked in the atmosphere, I decided that I enjoy events that involved paper bracelets.

Sunday we went to the Maker Faire. I really wanted to go because of Bazaar Bizarre which was super neat, which was basically a few rows of tables set up where crafters set up their goods. It was all awesome and provided me with tons of inspiration. I walked away with some YUMMY soaps from Estrella Soap and a new school bus bag from Fred Flare. Despite mostly going for the crafts, I found the whole event to be tons of fun! There was so much going on, so much creativity, so much inventiveness, so much enthusiasm, that I forgot to take a ton of photos even. Nuts.

I have a ton of energy today. So does Tyler. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but hopefully I get at the bare minimum get a thorough “to do” list made out (yea, I’m one of those list people) and get a few things crossed out. Maybe I can even get some of my craft projects off my plate today too!!!

for pictures of these events and for future reference, check out my FLICKR!


i know, i'm mean...

tyler in his foam letter hat. :)


may madness!

There is a ton of stuff going on this month!!!

Every weekend there is a birthday to celebrate. This weekend my (estranged???) SIL is throwing a costume party for her kiddo’s. They are Jehovah Witnesses so no birthday parties, but they do have parties every so often they that totally enjoy!! I still can’t figure out how to give those kids (there are FIVE of ‘em!!!) a present now and again! Then Sunday is Bazaar Bizarre at the Maker’s Faire in San Mateo (as close to San Francisco as a fair grounds is going to get). I’ve been looking forward to going to this thing for a while now, but now I got not only my MIL and SIL on board, but we’re turning it into a birthday outing for my FIL as well. He’s way into mechanics, diving and tinkering so the Maker’s Faire seems right up his alley. For his birthday I got him this totally rad remote control SNAKE!!! He’s into his toys. Next weekend is my BIL’s birthday. I have NO idea what to get him. He’s not as much fun to shop for. 

Ben is gearing up to change jobs. It seems like a positive change. He’ll be traveling more, but that means we’ll be traveling more!!! (Which reminds me, I still need to get my laptop fixed!!!) There are a couple places I really want to go. Don’t laugh, but the main reason I want to go is so I can do some fabric shopping. For instance, Japan has awesome fabric, but my Japanese isn’t too good and that makes it hard to order from them from where I sit. Plus, there is always a better selection when you go into a store….

More later. Baby waking up. Must run!


for the "over" prepared

seriously, my dog is part of our family and i want to make sure that, in the event of an emergency, he's looked after too! our groomer had these for her clients to put up in their homes and i thought it was a fantastic way to inform firefighters, police, rabid christian soldiers that there is an animal in the house that may need to be evacuated/rescued along with the family. i dont think i would forget the poo, but you never know the circumstances that might force you out of your home, unprepared.

if you have pets you care deeply for, make some little signs, in a highly visable color, telling emergency workers what they should be on the look out for and place them at all enteries to your home (i even placed them on our upstairs windows). yay!


for those who aim to make things prettier

who better to look up to that good ol' martha??? no one!

anywho, for those of you who DONT KNOW (pfft), Martha Stewart recently released a new craft line. i just thought i would share really quick as i proceed in draining our bank account.


a little vent

ARGH!!! I’m so freakin frustrated!!! I’m still using Ben’s desktop and its driving me NUTS!!!! He has about a billion icons thanks to his “open” organization, so I cant find a thing. On top of that I cant load any photos because he has some bizarre setting that doesn’t recognize new hardware. Well it does, but it doesn’t. I cant even explain. Ugh!!! What really gets me is that HE’S HOME right now, but he’s napping and I know I wont get him to help me if I wake him up.

Anywho, I didn’t think I would get a chance to blog and I don’t really feel like backing things up too much, so I wont. I will post photos of the projects I’ve been working on later…. Since I cant post them now…. I do have to say I’ve been productive! A wall painted, a room organized, pillows made, purses made, I even made Tyler a HAT. And more!!! But that baby is waking up so I’m gone.

ps. did you know you could blog in Hindi now? thats kinda neat.


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