i need a nap...

well. this has been interesting. the level of insanity that is normally around me has been turned up to 11 for the past couple weeks BUT the end is in sight.

Irene Tan is headed back tomorrow morning to her home after teaching two fabulous, action packed classes. Her classes are a definate must on a bucket list. Right now we have Michael Strong teaching in the back. One of my all time favorite cardmakers and a super awesome personality to match. Once he's done, we're all headed out for a farwell meal of super yum Japanese. Tomorrow we have some errands to run around the SFO and then i can head home and get back to work.

This week new challenges and more samples from The Sampler DT and February's preview too AND I will be going through all the challenges and giveaways so keep tuned for winner announcements. After CHA and the classes, I am completely ready to create and bring forth the awesomeness!

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful time and making with the pretties!


a million miles later...

CHA is finally wrapping up for us. we have ordered and ordered and ordered and i cant wait to see the new product for the store. so many fun new papers and tons of companies either new to us or completely new. i even found some time to take a book binding class from Jeannine Stien and i'm stoked on her book, ReBound and the book binding techniques i took away from her class. Expect some fun new classes at Memories Live On and even tutorials at The Crop Spot. well, and here too...

I have been so distracted by the Super Show and CHA that I have totally neglected the internets and everything else for that matter, but I'm back and totally full of fresh inspiration. Even though the time away from my family (yea, i've seen husband 3 days in january so far... nevermind he has a korea trip booked as soon as i get back from this trip...), CHA has been amazing. Maybe not has much hype and glitz and glam as some ppl say, at least not for me... but it was a great venue to get the latest and greatest for the stores and the sampler.

now, i have kits to make for Irene Tan's upcoming classes (btw, she's awesome!) and some packing to do. i think i have over 100lbs of catalogs to take home...

sunshine and bunnies,


instant inspiration...

i have been non-stop working on samples and bits and pieces for our booth at the CHA Super Show this coming week and have been totally enthralled in geekery thanks to the instant netflix queue. i really dont know where i would be with out it. The latest show to grab hold of me is Legend of the Seeker. Completely cliche, BUT wait for the scence where the main character is shirtless and your efforts will be rewarded... i mean, those are either fake or this guy has done nothing but sit ups since birth. serious.

anywho, tons to do, just thought a would share a few layouts and photos from this week...

Tomorrow's To Do List:
Gather Make&Take Supplies for the CHA Super Show
Finish Kitting and Label Kits
Exchange BluRay DVD Player for different version
Gather and Count Samples, make more accordingly
put together tool kit for crafting and tool like stuff

ps. i still need to do my heroic daily... silly frost bagdes... silly video games...


Clark Little

Apparently this guy is of some morning show fame, but my MIL fwd'd some of his photographs from a fwd'd fwd'd fwd'd email that she had received and they are stunning. Whilst his photography is amazing, i love the concept that while something can be beautiful everyday, it still seems everyday. Change your perspective and its even more incredible.

carry on.


today i do things!

my to do list intrest me greatly, but....

*email reps about a couple MIA orders
*finish orders for ranger, hambly and apple pie memories
*load blogs for The Sampler's DT at The Crop Spot
*make dinner
*clean upstairs bathroom since i missed this week's regularly scheduled bathroom cleaning day (aka. wednesday)
*tidy up work desk in hopes less clutter equals more creativity
*work on samples for the SBSRUS booth at the CHA Super Show
*work on samples for The Sampler display at the CHA Super Show
*clean the downstairs craft closet (HA!)
*finish watching stargate atlantis disc and put in purse to mail back tomorrow

it seems like a lot. tonight, will be a late night i think...

hope everyone is feeling productive if need be and chill if not!!! or both is even better?



holy smokes!

i wish i could post a video right now, because its a pretty amazing sight to see my head spin as it is right now. Tons of fun, but TONS of work. Around the store, we're gearing up for the CHA Super Show which is a open to the public, retail event the couple days prior to CHA which isnt open to the public. I know we're going to have a great time, but i am quit frankly tired of shopping for stuff. filling a booth is serious business. BUT, we have our vendors and thats huge. I'm really stoked because we're going to be carrying a lot of Hambly (my favorite!) and Maya Road and Ranger. What more could a girl ask for?

Anywho, I'm going to ge better about blogging starting today. Errr... yea! And I hate to leave with out a photo so how about a sneak peak of January's Sampler since even i havent taken photos my own projects using it??? ok. here goes.

happpy friday everyone!


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