amazon.com be damned.

today i ordered a ceiling fan , a downrod extention for said ceiling fan, a remote to control afore mentioned ceiling fan, a butter dish, diapers, and a gardening book.

i also needed some dish soap and bubble bath, but amazon was out. i'm thinking of adding some noodle bowls to my order before its too late!!!


my child has gone evil on my ass.

not literally, but he's definately having a mini-identity crisis. he's gone from a pretty easy going kid to a bossy, very opinionated, cranky, poop monster. its almost getting to the point i want to call the pediatrician and tell him that the boogerbear is broken and ask to please fix him. why dont i think that will work? grr...

oh well, maybe kelly's MIL will send me some helpful advice.


another one of those "TAG! you're it!" posts (husband version)

His name: husband
How long have you been married? 2 years and 15 days
How old is he? 32
Who eats more? him, most of the time...
Who said "I love you" first? i dont remember. i think it was him. i think it was to end an "arguement"
Who sings better? him.
Who is smarter? he's a chemical engineer. i play with scissors and glue sticks. you figure it out...
Whose temper is worse? mine!
Who does the laundry? me....... (unless i ask him to change something, then there is only a little belly aching)
Who does the dishes? Our dishwasher and me.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? him/
Who pays the bills? Me mostly.
Who mows the lawn? um. we're supposed to mow the 10x10 postage stamp of a lawn? i still want to concrete that crap.
Who cooks dinner? Me
Who drives when we are together? me, unless i'm really tired. he makes me nerveous. especially after this past weekend and out adventures in the minivan.
Who is more stubborn? me more than likely
Who is the first to admit they are wrong? niether
Whose parents do you see the most? his. they're considerably closer...
Who proposed? no one.... it was an agreement type thing...
Who has more friends? um. locally, him...
Who has more siblings? ...that we talks to? him. (1 brother, 1 sister. i have a half-brother and a half-sister, but i've never met them....)
Who wears the pants? both, but i usually have to make the command decisions...

one of those "TAG! you're it" posts.

4 Jobs I have had
sherwin williams representative
event coordinator
housing coordinator
leasing manager

4 Movies I could watch again
All of the Harry Potter Movies
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
All Star Wars Episodes
Juno (that one is mostly for kelly's sake. i dont want her to disown me)

4 Places I have lived
Richmond, TX
Ketchum, ID
San Diego, CA
Santa Cruz, CA

4 Guilty Pleasures
VH1 "reality" TV
my afternoon tv block (2 episodes of star trek, gilmore girls, star gate SG-1)
left over easter eggs filled with m&ms
mail order scrapbook clubs

4 Vacations I have been on
Disney World (a billion times)
LA (when i lived in idaho. i didnt know it at the time, but i met my husband that trip!)
Seattle (hard to leave that one out since we just got back...)

4 Favorite Foods
Grilled Veggies

4 Website I visit
Friends Blogs

4 Places I would rather be
i'm happy right here right now. ok, maybe i would rather be on the other side of the sofa where i can charge my laptop while i use it.

4 books I love
Running with Scissors
Dragonlance anything

4 things I would like to know how to do
go for a jog without killing myself
how and when its appropriate to prepay income taxes as a self-employeed individual
drive a stick
keep the house clean all the time...

4 things I worry about
my mom and her future
long term health
losing friends and family

4 of my happiest moments
seeing husband hold the boogerbear for the first time! (they both cried!)
finally ending certain relationships
signing our marriage certificate
realizing that i could turn my hobby into a career. (now, to get to the doing it part...)

4 things I want in the near future
to drop a little more weight.
more savings and less mortgage
consistent "work"
a pazzles.


suite 204

its late and i, as usual, cannot sleep. so, i will tell you guys about my visit to the Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Specialist. yea, i had another visit to that dude today and i will continue to see him at least twice a year until one of us relocates or dies.

the good news remains, i do not have a hole of any kind in my left eardrum. BUT, the eardrum is retracted into my middle ear so you can very cleary see the joint of my incus and stapes (dont quote me on those words. i think thats what the man said), which is potentially bad... one day... maybe.

why is it bad you ask? oh, let me tell you in my vague, potentially incorrect terms.

so, one day, as my eardrum continues to retract into my middle ear, it can be pinched between the joint of the incus and stapes. that can cause a tear (or something) and develop a cholesteatoma which is definately uncool. just check out that wiki picture. its gross.

his potential solution to my delima: attempt to pop my ears by pinching my nose closed and gently blowing. apparently people can pop their ears this way or so he tells me. this MIGHT encourage my eardrum to de-retract and back off of that joint. you know, give the joint some breathing room. stupid ear drum, moving his shit in too soon, all up in the joint's personal space.

anywho, if the eardrum gets too much cozier, then i might end up with a tube in the ear anyhow to help regulate the pressure and hopefully prevent it from getting pinched. having a tube installed in my head is way easier and (shockingly) more comforting than having an real surgery to remove a freakin tumor from my nogin. thats way too close to my brain and junk to place lasers, or knives, or poking sticks or anything else one might use to remove a tumor.

oh wells. it doesnt hurt. i can hear. i'll go see him again on october 3rd.

**please dont quote me on of this. as usual, i dont really know what i'm talking about, but i like letting the little gnome that lives in my head have his say now and again. husband is sick of listening to him.


just because i havent perv'd anyone out lately.

what: south park. episode: "canada goes on strike!" me: BAHAHAH!

here's the link to the original samwell video. i know. its old internet news, but, thanks to my SIL and her boyfriend (theBrettlet), "what what in the butt" has a special place in my heart. so many reasons. the burning cross, the chocolate starfish references, OOOKay, samwell's incrediable flexible neck, the stylish fashions, single sided conversations, hip dance moves, and so much more.

i feel you watching me...
over there...

mary, if you're reading this, i'm sorry i reminded you of this video...

anyone want to swab things up their nose?

i sure do. i started using zicam medicated cold swabs today and i've already noticed a difference. granted it looks like i'm putting clear snot up my nose (feels like it too), but i swear my cough and sore throat have magically scurried off! actually i feel a lot of drainage on the back of my throat, but thats a good sign in terms of my cold recovery. its about dang time too!!!

other than the new found love for sticking things up my nose, things are same old, same old. i pulled out ye olde suitcase so i could start packing for our venture up to seattle next week. we also received the portable dvd player we ordered for the trip and car use. its cute.

oh! and i joined a new blog with KS and Kristi called Mommy's Cupboard. so, if anyone is having dinner delimas or want to see what kind of foodies we believe ourselves to be, then check us out!

well, i believe its time to take the boogerbear to the park. i hope everyone is having super-duper, fantastic days!!!


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