Challenges in Sept2012

here we are again, I have a couple new and an one old challenge this month. seems like i can't get the garage finished. Between business trips for husband, other crap to clean and just life in general, the hopes of transforming the garage into a viable workspace have been placed on the back burner... again.

With the start of 1st grade for the boy, I haven't had a spare moment to do anything it seems. The upside, no REAL challenges other than brushing our teeth and eating breakfast before class starts.... Well, squish has taken to sleeping weird times. like from 6pm to 3am, then waking up for fun times. That IS proving challenging...

 This month I played along with The Sampler's layout sketch challenge. I'm also finding it challenging to scrapbook anything but pictures of pip (mostly sleeping) these days....

Head over to The Sampler's Blog for your chance to win a sampling from The Sampler! Hope your challenges are proving more fun than a struggle this month! sunshine&bunnies, holly*


something not so new...

I have EXCITING news for Bay Area kit club subscribers and project lifers!

If you happen to be in the Bay Area, contact Memories Live On for more information and to sign up for The Sampler's 1st Crop!!! I know I cannot wait to work on a few projects and share some time with other members!



I have a full week planned out this week. This means I have lists everywhere. I have my normal sticky notes on my desk...

I'm working on a stash of project ideas to do with the boy's class every Wednesday. Art is soooo limited in his school that I would really love to be able to bring whatever amount of art to them I can. This week we're doing tissue paper stained glass windows. No its not Picasso but its SOMETHING!

I have a super cute mini album up over at The Sampler Kit Club! I made a LIST JOURNAL! Its been very fun to work on! I posted a few of the pages I've done so far and I definitely look forwards to doing more! Head over and check it out!

Ok, time to start on those to do lists... hope everyone has a great Monday. I know, always hopeful though!




more like SQUEEEE! because this spider is super cute. I've been ramping up the fall/halloween decorations a little early this year. Thanks to a fairly tiresome pregnancy last year, I didn't really put out decorations last year. sooooo... that means overkill for this year. YAY!

So i've made a couple little things add to the stuff i already have and both came out quite nicely imo.

1st off, a spider web canvas. i saw THIS on pinterest and wanted to make one immediately. BUT i lacked a large enough frame to do it right atm. but i did have a random, yellow canvas and loads of twine taking up space in my stash so i gave it a try.

i do love how it turned out. the little spider was cut from my cameo and made the perfect little touch. i kinda want to add a word bubble above his head and write "EEK!" in it. idk why i want to do it so bad, but i'm refraining thinking that Coco Chanel was right and you should always take off the last thing you put on. the rule clearly applies to scrapbooking too...

the 2nd thing i managed to get out of my head and onto my mantle is one of these fabric pumpkins! last year, i started seeing the tutorials for crushed velvet pumpkins that looked AMAZING. so, at the end of the season, i plucked off all the stems from our pumpkins and said "OMG! I'M TOTALLY GOING TO MAKE THOSE..."

 fast forward to almost A YEAR LATER and only ONE (of at least 10) STEMS made it. This stem has been moved around my kitchen and craft desk COUNTLESS times. but here it is. YAY!

Making this thing was like making a GIANT yo-yo. super easy, but something like 14" diameter. once the yo-yo was put together, i filled it with a 1/2lb or so of pinto beans (the uncooked kind for sure...) and cotton fill until i got the shape i wanted. after that, I tightened the floss holding my yo-you together and put a healthy amount of 3in1 on the stem to adhere it to the pumpkin.

and now i have awesome!

Both of these projects were created spur of the moment with things I had laying around. I've been very big into de-stashing lately and i think these project being created this way make me even happier with them. i highly recommend!

While I have you here.... 
DON'T FORGET to hop along with The Sampler Kit Club's Wrap Up Blog Hop AAAANNNDDD take part in the August2012 Challenges while they're still up!! AMAZING prizes are awaiting you at both stops!!




REVEAL DAY @ The Sampler!

September's here and there is a new kit up over at The Sampler Kit Club! LOOOOVE some of the goodies in this month's kit. (and i have to throw in that i CANNOT believe that this kit is only thirty bucks plus $5 flat shipping! nuts!) Not to mention, that this kit is a DREAM for ANYONE missing fabulous products from Hambly! This kit has loads! LOVE IT!

 Anywho, I have some great projects to share with you super soon, but I am trying to relax over this beautiful holiday weekend! Be back soon!



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