Ugh. So I feel terrible. I have some kind of stomach bug/mild food poisoning. I’m pretty sure I will live, but it’s a pain in my patoot until then. That also means no cooking, no sewing, no organizing, no nothing. The only thing I have been able to do for the past 2 days is play with Tyler and play crackdown (Xbox 360 game) on the couch. I HAVE TO feel better tomorrow. I have errands to run. Its grocery-shopping day, I need to mail a bunch of stuff, brown paint for the shelves for the living room, and bobbins. I never seem to have enough of those things.

So, with all of this time on my hands I’ve been thinking I really need to do something constructive with my time. Recently I found that an old friend of mine opened her own online store where she is selling shopping cart liners and other misc baby items. They’re super cute and I’m so proud of her for utilizing her talents and for the fact that she’s doing exactly what I wanted to do! So, she is my inspiration atm. Tyler is getting independent enough in his playtime that I get enough time to sit down at my machine a couple hours a day. That’s enough time to experiment with the ideas that I have. What I really need is a fabric warehouse/wholesaler around here. Online research has proved fruitless so far. Looking more around San Francisco make sense.


I’m so excited about how Tyler’s room will look once I get it put back together. I took some pictures of just how bad it is. how embarrassing. I’m currently painting some small decorative pieces. Back to doing that. Yay.

Also, Erican is coming up in May! It will be good to have her around to explore San Francisco with and what not. Not to mention, she more than likely wont be pregnant again so we can have a good time with out too many concerns of the baby nature…

More tomorrow.


So, there has been a change in the game plan. I’m in full assault spring-cleaning mode. For normal people this happens in the spring. For me it occurs about the time I start thinking about fitting into this summer’s swimsuit…. What does this mean for my new pet blog and me? It means that I have projects coming out of my wazoo and a full plate of doing pointless but pleasing around the house duties. So, here is the change in the game plan, I’m tracking my cooking improvements along with my home improvements. Tomorrow I'm starting with my son’s nursery. There are a lot of people out there who take care of the baby’s room BEFORE the baby shows up… not me. I leave it until it suits my fancy. And oh am I ready. Tomorrow will be interesting. Not only that, but I have some sewing to work on. I finally took my new sewing machine out of the box, so I suppose it's time to get that baby burning.


my adventure into the land of quality cooking & baking

So, in the past year my life has changed 10-fold. I went from the carefree, fly by night lifestyle of someone who is single and baggage free to the housefrau, supermom you see before you now. And I’m loving every moment of it. As I settle into my new lifestyle, I find most of my time spent cooking, cleaning, and finding crafty mediums to outlet my creativity. One thing I can say about myself, is that when I choose to do something, I give 110%. As the year has gone by, I have been exposed to foods and wines that I would have never indulged in, in my past life as a Kraft mac and cheese eating, spaghetti-O loving, ranch dressing slathering, soda guzzling little miss. But, looking at my palette today, one might ALMOST consider me a foodie. There is a problem with my new found tastes though, my husband and I had been finding all of our quality meals out of our household kitchen. With a new house and baby in tow, $200+ dinners are just not to be a weekly occurrence. So, my solution has been to learn to do it myself. My journey starts here and I hope to grow into a quality cook/baker to bring pleasure and incredible meals to my dinner table.


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