under the influence of parenting magazines

so, in a recent issue of Parents Magazine there was a blurb about BPA and its inclusion in most of our children's bottles and sippies. so on that note i looked a little deeper and threw out all of our avent bottles that we had poisoning (ok, thats a little dramatic since nothing is a hard fact at this point. just a possibility and precausion.) our son with since he was born! today i replaced those bottles with born free bottles and bought some sippy cups as well just for good measure. i'm not 100% sure we're going to toss all of our gerber and platex sippies because we never heat them and that is one of the big factors of releasing BPA into the liquid. BUT dishwashing also deteriorates the plastic causing it to breakdown and release BPA. regardless, i tend to handwash both bottles and sippies so i'm not sure if thats an issue. well, thanks to parents magazine i spent over $100 on my 14month old son's NEW (the little gnome in my head says: new! wtf, he should be getting OFF bottles!) set of bottles and a piece of mind.

also, in this month's Parenting Magazine (the little gnome in my head says: well, arent they creative with their names these days...) i found a site that has some unquestionably cute and sassy baby/toddler clothing GabbyBaby.com has some great printed t's with even better sayings on them. the have sayings like:
"please be nice to my parents. they dont get much sleep."
"please resist the urge to give advice, my parents are doing a great job"
"i'de love a sandwich"
"i'm not staring at you. i'm pooping"
"please dont touch my hands. i put them in my mouth"
"please dont ask my mom rude questions"
i ordered those 6 for the boogerbear... because he needed them... well, thats what i'll tell DH. well, thanks to parenting magazine, i spent rough;y $150 on t-shirts that my son "needed" (the little gnome in my head says: and you didnt pick up anything for me?!? cow!) and i liked.
so, the lesson learned today, dont allow holly to have her credit card and/or laptop near by when reading parenting magazines, unless you want something too. in which case, just point her to the right page...

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