things that make me happy

i'm tired of yucky posts! (OMG!?!?#@#21 there are all of two of them!!! AHHH!!! RUN AWAY!!1 crap, i need to go to sleep.) so (i say so a lot), i would like to make a list of 5 things that always make me happy. and i ask you to post a comment or make your own post on your blog doing & asking the same to your readers. there isnt enough time spent on happy thoughts its always the sad things that grab our attention. granted there are times to be sad. but, when you cant change what's making you sad, then you should work on not being sad about it anymore.

here's my happy list:
1. my son's smile.
2. my husband's hugs.
3. walks along the beach.
4. a snickers bar when i'm craving a snickers bar.
5. making another person's day .

***just an FYI, typically when i post in these dodads "(babble)" its my inner monologue. when i get a little tired, it gets a little kookie.***

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