unbreakable boredom

so for the past three days i have been in a thick fog of bored! i have things on my to do list. i have the energy to do them. but i dont want to do them because the list items are boring in themselves and, therefore, would not cure my state of bored.
any interesting suggestions?


zipping and zooming!

babies! my cousin found out she's having a little boy in feb. she already has an absolutely adorable little girl (lilybug) and i'm so happy for them. i know her hubby's family was hoping for a boy and now they have their legacy baby. ooo! and Erican is FINALLY going to the doc on oct.1st. she's like 20ish+ weeks already. i cant imagine not seeing a doc before then! but with insurance being lame and $$$ being an issue at a lot of the offices the contacted, oct. 1st it is. i'm not sure but i hope she gets a sonogram that day as well! i'm tore about hosting a baby nshower for her. to be honest, i should be the one to do it. i've been her best friend since she was like 10! but i want to stick to my "no bending over backwards" policy. if i host it, i know i will bend over backwards. there really isnt anyone she's "friends" with that i can count on. i do have contact info for her other good girlfriends (the bridesmaids), but, as nice of people as they are, they were pretty useless for the wedding and i have a gut feeling that it would be the same for a shower. not to mention it means traveling for the boogerbear and i. oh and both babies need things made for them, so my sewing machine needs to make its way back out of the cabinet! i have a lot of craftiness in my system atm, i need to work that stuff out.

phentermine. so i started doing two things. 1) taking phentermine. 2) tracking my diet and exercise on weight watchers. i'm not a big fan of pills as a general rule, but being 80lbs over my ideal weight is no longer acceptable. actually, make that 72lbs. i started both the pills and weight watchers a week ago. i have a ton more energy, feel good about the lifestyle changes i have made (ones i can actually keep up with when the pills go away), and can already see that i'm a bit less bloated around my midsection. so the pills are only around for 3 months. they severly reduce my appitite, thats why i started weight watchers. in order to loose weight in a healthy manner, i know i need to eat, so tracking it via weight watchers is keeping me from starving myself. we've been doing stroller walks everyday (except today, its raining and i dont feel like driving to a mall) and lots of yoga. not to mention i've cleaned the house top to bottom (minus the boogerbear's room, i'm still organizing. its actually clean...) i did 8 loads of laundry sunday!!! no we dont have that many dirty clothes, but i did all the towels (clean, but stale thanks to my prior absence) and winter bed linens. its getting cold here. seriously, those pills make me zip and zoom. it definately pleases my detail oriented side, everything gets done in just the right way! hooray!

another step in my weightloss plan is to get off the depo shot. i decided on the mirena iud. it seems the most responsible. no more babies for a while. i like having just tyler. i know that he wont be my only child, but he can be older when we decide to have our next. the 1st iud lasts 5 years (it can be removed before then if we change our minds) and is has a very low dosage of hormone. it claims not to add weight or hinder weghtloss. come oct.19th we'll see...

i've decided that i like ugly betty. i wasnt so sure about it, but i dvr'd the season premere last night asn watched while the boogerbear napped and i did dishes. it was a bit confusing at first, but interesting enough for me to netflix the 1st season. now i just have to get the hubby to watch the movies (Romper Stomper, 300, & the Hulk) he's had for, oh, i dont know, THREE WEEKS!!! i think i'll just send them back and add them to the bottome of the queue. i always threaten to do that, but never do. i'm a sucker.

so, in a couple weeks ben leaves for korea and then taiwan for 4weeks. poop. my grandma is going to visit for one of those weeks and i was thinking of going back to houston with her, but i'm not too sure how possible that is. i not only have the baby, but the poodle too. getting there with the two of them and moomoo's help isnt impossible, but getting home seems a little out or reach. oh well i have a little time to think about it. anyone want to fly back with me from houston? maybe have a little visit? i know of a really good san franscico tour...

so, thats been my week in a nutshell. the boogerbear is waking so no time to add links or photos. maybe later. maybe not. xoxo! zooooooooooom!


we're back!

super busy getting life back to normal. i'll post more later tonight. for now i want to share a story (i wrote it in an email last night, so its mostly copy and paste) about a local chocolater, Richard Donnelly.

So, while i was out running errands [yesterday], the hubby suggested I do a package for his friend Sage that is off in basic training in OK. That's right up my alley and I know Sage is homesick. So I think about what I know about Sage. He likes good food. Too hard to ship Moreno's burritos. [a local taqueria we all love] He likes good wine. I'm guessing that's not allowed. CHOCOLATE! Definitely a care package necessity. So I head over to Donnelly's of course. [its the best in santa cruz for sure!] Anywho, so I go in and Richard Donnelly is there himself doing what it is he does [makes chocolaets, duh!] and asks what he can do for me.I tell him what I'm looking for. He asks if I want the pretty packaged chocolate or the bark one. I tell him whatever is easier to ship. He askswhere it's going and I tell him to sage who's doing time in basic. He nods. So he packs up this box with out asking me how much I want. Ties a bow on it and gets some ice packs out of his freezer. He then puts all of the above in a bag and tells me put my wallet away, to ship it Monday and to thank sage for what he's doing for our country. OMG! Hownice is that! I about cried as I left the building. Such a random actof kindness. That man has earned some major points in my book today. [yesterday]



up, up and away

well, another excuse not to blog. the boogerbear and i are off to houston for the week. we have mimi's (aka. grandma; she thought it would be fun to give herself a nickname. i just think she didnt want people calling her granny) birthday, cousin mesha's wedding and a whole mess of fun.

the boogerbear is currently napping so i should cut this short to finish up packing. see you kids later! xoxo.


see, i'm not a liar.

photos of my new hair cut and color... only a week late...


more grown up furniture...

I FOUND A TV STAND!!! not an entertainment center (there's a difference?!?!? yes. >>> that was the answer that the hubby gave. ok dear.) i actually found it at (surprise, surprise) the place we got the rest of our furniture. (dot.dot.dot.) they hubby wouldnt let me buy it with out him, but we're going tomorrow morning before my yearly girlie check-up and i'm pretty sure it will be coming home with us then. do you know how hard it is to find an entertainment center that will fit equipment that measures 17"x17"x8"?!?!? no? hard. very hard. stupid tv.

well, here's photo of the dohicky. i'm off to clense myself. take care.


a lovely weekend

i would put this past weekend in the good time bin. we we're busy, which, being the tweeker that i am, i enjoyed. saturday i went to the SUPER-DUPER O'NIEL MEGA! MEGA SALE!!! in Santa Cruz... with about a billion other people. it wasnt that bad really. it took me about 10minutes to park, then 20minutes to find two armfuls of misc clothing for the hubby, and about 2seconds to realize that i didnt have the 2hours to wait in line for the register since my haircut appointment was in 30munites and it would take 20minutes to get there. so i left my pile in the mostly appoipriate areas and headed back to get my haircut. my hair is very normal and very borning currently, but my scalp needs some heal time before i dye it again, which we all know i will. i didnt take any photos of the new do yet, but i'll wash and style it later for you kid-Os. after my cut it was time for our friend's annual yard party. so i packed up the guacamole, chips, baby, and beer and we headed over to their house. it was an awesome way to spend the afternoon/early evening despite that it was a little on the hot side (as usual). they made some awesome grilled shrimp and beefy bits to be held with in tortillas. the boogerbear loved it! dad got a little tipsy so by the time it was time to head out, i had to drive. well, at least he had a good time.

sunday, i went back to the SUPER-DUPER O'NIEL MEGA! MEGA SALE!!! in Santa Cruz, but this time with no time limit. i got a bunch of great shirts for the hubby and a few sweaters for me (lets not forget that i'm from TX and have a hard time with winter...) after that i called my MIL and we made plans for a little "just us" (meaning her, my FIL, the hubby, boogerbear, the auntie KT, and me... possibly the BIL and a collection of his children. thats it. period.) gathering. so i went to the store, bought some tri-tip to BBQ, fresh sweet corn and smashing potators. POTATORS!!!! prep'd what i could and headed over to the MIL's house in the early evening. all was well until the BIL went on an hour (or more) long "beer run". the joke was that he made the "beer run" to his GF's (yea, nicole, the one we dont particularly care for). haha. HEY! we think its funny!!!! anywho, he gets back. we get beer. (yay!) then he tells us that she's going to stop by (who invited her?!?! it wasnt his place to do that!!!!). my MIL and i both stare blankly into nothingness. dead silence covers the house. one of the children makes a noise. we bother jump to its whim and pretend the BIL said nothing. he leaves the room. we look at each other. i got get us a couple more beers. 4 or 5 or 6 beers later, she shows up. the auntie KT (who is about the only one sober) goes for a beer run. this was mandatory for the night to go on. i'm sober enough to ignore and not look anyone in the eye, but drunk enough not to care. i had my fingers crossed that she would leave within 15minutes. WRONG! she stayed for dinner. um. excuse me?!?!?! WTFFFFF!!!! she wasnt invited. MORE BEER! ok, it wasnt that dramatic, but the little rage gnome in my head was boucing off the walls never the less. the boogerbear was convienently tired after dinner so the hubby motored us home. despite the unwanted/uninvited company, it was a good evening.

i made the hubby labor on labor day! i drug him around to ikea and a handful of other furniture stores looking for a new entertainment center. his AV equipment is oversized and its proving quite difficult to find anything that will accomodate it so we're still using his very nice, existing unit that tyler deems a ladder. but i got some shelves and some brocolli cheese soup out of the day. yay!

i'm tired today. i had big things to do in my head, but no energy to do them. poop. maybe tomorrow.


ever changing

i dyed my hair again last night. mostly because my scalp hurts from being bleach blond. so now i'm a boring sandy blond. actually, its as close as a box of hair dye can get to my natural hair color. BORING! i think, in a few weeks, it will be very dark brown or black again. i think black. i looked good with black.

oh, and i'm getting a hair cut tomorrow. a very traditional vidal sasson "bob" i'll post photos tomorrow evening.



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