hair: a slender threadlike outgrowth of the epidermis of an animal

tomorrow i am getting a hair cut. an old hair cut infact. before i had a kid and thus lost the time to tend to personal care, i had a very dramatic, disconnected a-line cut. it was choppy. it was fun. it was easy to take care of. the last time i got a real haircut, more specifically that haircut, was feb.2, 2007. i've had a few trims, but nothing dramatic. no time. meh. anywho, now that my hair, which grows mega fast, is well past my shoulders it has dawned on my that i have a lot of super fine, super straight hair and all i do with it is knot it up on top of my head. sorry, no pics. its been a while, but i really miss hairSTYLE. i miss waking up in the morning and not worrying about hardly brushing my hair because it looked how i wanted it to when i had bedhead. it had spunk, if you will. anywho, i'm aiming to straighten my hair tonight and get some photos of the blah-ness and then get some after the cut. hopefully this haircut is as nifty as i remember it. if not, its going to be a long year and a half.

anywho, here are some inspiration photos i plan on taking to my stylist since i dont have any good photos with this haircut on my head:

charlize theron as aeon flux would have to be the number one inspiration for my cut. i love how choppy it is.

i like the exaturation of front sections of the original aeon flux. i have the length to keep the front a bit longer than my chin and when i place my hair behind my ears, which i am prone to, it will curl like that as well. we're not talking full circle here, but you get the idea.

last but not least, this lady also has a similar cut lately. meh. but it get a bit of the point across.

random lodger.


happy 25th and a HALF birthday TO ME!!!

this past weekend my MIL suprised me (yea, suprise me!?!?!? i know.) with a 25th and a half birthday party. back in my febuary (my actual birth month) we were sick and busy and everything else, so my birthday celebration kinda got postponed and postponed again. as a joke i decided i just wanted a 25th and a half birthday. i actually got a kinda sorta 25th birthday party in early march, but the idea of having a half birthday was pretty amusing to myself and my MIL too apparently because she assembled the family for a night of celebrating my 25-1/2 years on this planted. here are the photos from the night.

every party in our family has ballons. cupcake ballons for the win!!!

our little miss in her party dress. so cute. 

i had made my snoup (yes, i said snoup. not soup.) for husband's return to these united states and we ended up eating together. yummy.

BIL and one of his boys, strider. yes, like the lord of the rings. dorks. 

the boogerbear and our little lundon. the photo after this one is of the boogerbear making a growl like snarl and lundon SCREAMING his little head off. i mean, even in the photo, you can hear his squeal. it may show up for a WW one of these days...


more little miss and an approving great grandma by her side. 

auntie KT's buddy Gus. nice guy. probably thinks i'm a loone though. in my defense, i was a little on the tipsy, thus chatty side. oops. 

a bubble bee cake!!!! look at that little bee's smile. perfection. 

whats better than a happy 25th and a half birthday party you ask? getting gifts for turning 25 and a half!!! among the very sweet gifts i received, i got this book. very cute. i think the primary reason i got it though was because my MIL wants me to make her cupcakes that look like penguins. so do i....

tasty tuesday!

just something quick. the boogerbear has taken over along with his mountains of toys and i'm also plotting against the garage with thoughts of creating a new, larger work space. so. i've been organizing and altering everything i dont remotely like with in our space. i wish i had something wicker. i would spray paint that bad boy bright red so fast it would know what hit it. mostly because it would be an inanimate piece of wicker furniture. but thats besides my point. the point is that i have been getting a lot of inspiration from sprout home.

this store has the most rocking wall decals and stencils. the boogerbear will be getting the the space invaders or the green paper airplanes. cant decide, but i havent painted in there yet, so it doesnt matter at this point anyhow. and i would love to have the white birds on a wire or the chainsaw or one of the wallpaper animals for my new workspace. again, havent painted it yet, so decals arent really an issue right now.

this is kinda a splurge, but the boogerbear needs an adorable gummy bear lamp for his room. along with the hippo wall hangers. or maybe i need those to display/photograph some of my junk. the children's plastic robot plates would add a dribble of color into an already overdecorated workspace...

go and peak at their furniture too. so many pretty clean lines, but then woven plastic, and then a rustic wod shelf. love the textures and colors.

last, but not least, my favorite would have to be their pillows. so yummy.

sorry about the one website post, but hopefully tuesdays will become tastier as i have more time. so, the boogerbear goes to kindergarden in roughly 3 years. expect more then...

happy tuesday everyone!


a new desk organizer and owl ATCs.

i'm yet again working on a new place to craft. this time, i'm sneaking into a garage take over. with that move, i want to give my new space a house warming gift or two, so i crafted on this organizer and plan on getting a couple newish things for the area. so, more to come as i collect and coordinate the take over.

my very 1st set of ATCs which have been mailed off to be included in my very first swap. i cant wait to get my package with everyone else's cards!!!


love me some lodger.

old, but never gets old. love lodger. i really need to order a replacement cd. i had got an import a long while ago when getting a lodger cd straight from finland was the only way to get it. but, it was borrowed and never returned by an unnamed producer of some really unnamed films when i spent a spell living in sun valley, idaho. oh the memories. i know i said idaho, but there are some beautiful mountains in central idaho. there is a small celeberty following there attempting to make sun valley the next aspen or park city. robin williams, bruce willis, the govenator. just a few examples of the icons that grace the valley with their love and $$. with those names comes the life style of LA. seriously. shopping in sun valley was like shopping in santa monica or in the boutiques near the hollywood hills. but, it was still casual since, well, we were in the middle of effing idaho! i recall very vividly listening to lodger's tunes on a GIGANTIC mp3 player (timeline wise: this was slightly before the release of the ipod nano) borrowed from the boyfriend of the time while hanging out by one of the cute little ponds with the poodle chasing god only knows what. the summers in sun valley are fabulous. i cant say i did a lot of these things while i was there, but there are TONS of hiking and biking trails. the casino was and i hope still is a KICK ASS bar! (ok, i did that a lot while i was living there...) a handful of good places to eat. a really yummy pizza place in near by hailey. cant remember what it was called... a cute movie theater where you can buy $5 a pop budwiesers. oh and did i mention the shopping? a good place for the outdoorsy type and semi fasionistas at the same time.

ok, now that i'm done with the travel agency schpeal for sun valley, have some lodger.


Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,

actually i was buying bolts of stabilizer from createforless.com and i found these horribly tacky ravens for cents. i ordered 20 to add to our halloween decorations. nothing like a good deal on some rockin decorations to get you into the holiday spirit.


so mcuh to do. so little motivation.

our sleep schedules have been so out of whack lately and i'm really starting to pay for it. i guess i do have the motivation, just not the energy.

one thing i havent been slacking off on is this really lame work out video called: 10 minute solution. dance it off. its really horrible and cheesy, but i'm getting tired of taking walks and this at least amuses me even if its only to laugh at the instructor (or myself). its still a laugh.

i think i'm going to work on getting that boy to bed and dance it off again today...


tasty tuesday! (warning! link and possible japanese overload!)

in honor of husband's trip almost being over. fun things from japan where husband currently kills time, erm, works. maybe he'll bring me something back from this week's tasty tuesday. *hint, HINT*

Japanese fabric over at SuperBuzzy. i LOVE all the little animals that are showing up on japanese fabrics. plus, so many come in heavy weight cottons or canvas. love it!

Wikipedia tells us all about the bento box and i found a bunch of really neat bento boxes. love them! check out the hello kitty one! those condiment containers/onigiri shapers! i dont even like hello kitty but those are rad! the bean and panda shaped boxes are pretty cute too. the frog chopsticks box would have to be a must.

dont forget the bento cups! these look like they might do duel duty as bento cups AND cupcake papers. not sure about the exact size of them vs. cupcake wrappers though.

more hello kitty cuteness: sushi "Yumoni". look at those cute little sushi hello kitties!!!

anyone for a R2-D2 soy sauce bottle?

again with the hello kitty: its a "shoulder massager" you can also buy a set.

the boogerbear loves him some puzzles and i loves me some maps. here our two loves unite.

chopstick training is never a bad idea.

i would LOVE to have this totoro stamp set! look at those "cute little dust balls frolicking" i NEED one!

already on stamping, check out this faces stamp. NEAT! NEAT! NEAT!

these "vergitable shapers" would make some really neat buttons out of clay as well as make a veggie floral arrangements.

i cant mention japan without mentioning anime. ok. i mentioned it.

i'm also seeing a lot of these little guys around lately. domo-kun. cute, but a little creepy. nice little explaination of what the heck that thing is as well. domo.

there are so many cool things over at jbox.com. i had to stop otherwise i would still be adding links. i do love the quirkiness (?) of some of the japanese novelties. in honor of this post and all things tasty, i believe i will have some sushi today. i hope you too have a tasty tuesday!


new love. (warning: fabric dork post)

i'm a bit behind the times, but i just noticed and fell head over heels for Joel Dewberry. look at that. i love him so much that i even capitolized his name correctly!!! i've been collecting his woodgrains from his aviary collection, but i love everything else he's put out! here are some of my favs that i will have to obtain and make something yummy out of....

from the aviary collection's bloom palette i can totally see the perfect nursery for a little girl. perfect. i can really see this growing with a little girl for some reason and the pink prints can be blended in with so many other fun colors.

from the aviary collection's bark palette, i can see so many accessories. purses, hair ties, buttons, belts, pillows. so beautiful.

LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE KICK BUT WOODGRAINS!!! i only have the dark green and the orange. i am so missing out on the woodgrain goodness!!!

from his manzanita collection i see quilts!

along with some coordinating solids, quilt #1:

quilt #2:

i cant wait to see what come out of this guy next!


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