blackberry season.

i so want to go and pick some blackberries from my MIL's front yard. she has this giant blackberry thicket that has loads of berries turning ripe as i sit here im my worsening cold state. i can almost taste my grandma's cobbler recipe with those berries. well, i would be able to imagine the taste it if it weren't for my sinuses being cramed full of god only knows what preventing every and any functions of my head from occurring. maybe its time for another dose of some kind of cold/flu/allergy/conjestion drug. carry on.



i managed to obtain a cold somewhere between friday evening saturday evening. at least we got through the boogerbear and his auntie KT's bday party on saturday. i would post photos, but i am too week to peel myself off the couch and load them. tomorrow for sure.

i hope all is well and everyone is cold free. i'm going to get back to reading the harry potter books for the billionth time. hey, its the only thing i can do with out getting massive waves of sinus pressure.


papercrafting with pwnd.

it doesnt need to make sense, but it needs a place to be linked from...

bored at work? (or home for that matter) you can try some cube craft of your own. i think i'm going to make the puffer fish next.



i updated. i updated in a very lazy, picasa sort of way. gives you kids an idea of how i've spent the past month and then some. i promise to do a lengthier post to celebrate the boogerbear and his SECOND birthday!!! tomorrow is the BIG birtday party, so i have more work to do. enjoy the posts!!!


projects (3)


MIL has a beautiful apricot tree in her back yard. i was fortunate enough to yoink a few pounds of those little beauties and turn them in to several jars of terrifically tart apricot preserves.

upcoming doodling class LO.


i made a purse for myself. amy butler, frenchy bag. over all an ok pattern.

this is the lining of said purse. isnt it awesome?
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projects (2)

party invites. its a dinosaur hot dog party, FYI.

an unfinished LO using basicgrey's Mellow. trying to use my stash and document the boogerbear's language at the same time. the 2nd page of this LO will be a list of the words we know he says/understands. little cloud bubbles just dont do his language justice. will post again when complete.

check out my leet gardening skillz. i made parsley GROW!

here is a LO i think i "fixed". i much happier with the blue glittery paper as the background.



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projects (1)

my mom thinks i need "texas" paraphernalia all over our house. i think she's right, but it just needs more glitter so i took this... lovely FAKE cow skull and glittered it! it now hangs in our upstairs bathroom.


started working on christmas gifts already. i know, its july. but i plan on making everyone's gifts this year, so i think i better get crackin. i just liked how these spent paint brushed looked after i finished working on my BIL's gift, thus the photo.
"streamers" for the boogerbear and his auntie KT's bday party. they're super cute, will look way better than the paper/plastic alternative, are reusable, perfectly match the papergoods and invites for the party, and cost the same as the paper junk. i win!
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once we returned home,

we went to the park.
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while in houston, we went

to the houston zoo.



it was hot.

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while in houston, i visited





& took pictures of the surrondings i grew up in.
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while in houston, i learned


tyler likes cheese dip.
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pretty pooped.

to put it simply, the past two weeks have been hard. i'm soo stinking tired right now that i could pass out while i finish typing this. supposedly we will be with dadoo/husband again come late friday night. come hell or high water, we will be with dadoo/husband come friday night. enough is enough and i've definately had enough.

now that i've gotten the rant out of me, on to the good news. while i havent had a whole lot of time to craft in the past few days, i have been gearing up to unleash my pent up creativity. i've been REcleaning/organizing the nest again. i got a new sewing machine since my brothers machine had a tension issue and costco has the superdy duperiest return policy ever. i managed to get my chaching back on the busted machine and invested in a slightly heavier duty singer machine. i have a birthday giftie to sew on this coming week for our favorite SIL/autie KT. i cleared out a good amount of my 12/12 paper and some of my older stickers/embellishments for the scrapbook island flea market coming up. now i have loads of space for new goodies like the new rouge de garance lace papers and basic grey rub-ons from the euphoria line that happened to pick up today. speaking of today, i also learned to knit from a good friend. i made half of a really horrible scarf for tyler today. next week, i learn to purl.

the booger is good too. THE BIG TWO YEAR OLD CHECK UP WAS TODAY! 28lbs even adn 361/2 inches!!!! he apparently looks "healthy and happy". i want the tool/instrument that measures happy.

anywho, time for the daily phone call with husband. hope to get back to post photos and junk soon. but, first, i sleep. then maybe have a nap...


my 2nd born for a sparkler.

so, tomorrow is the 4th of july. (happy indepedence day y'all) unfortunately, fireworks are non-existant here. completely banned thanks to norcal spontaniously combusting lately. how is a transplanted texan supposed to celebrate the 4th with out fireworks? seriously? not even a sparkler. nothing. how will my child grow up appreciating America with out a smoke bomb that stains the concrete until christmas? i dont think he can. next year, i think we'll do the 4th in TX and set some stuff on fire!!!!


tasty tuesday!

its not really what tasty tuesday is ment for, BUT its something i found on the internets and its makes a lot of sense out of the who vaccinations are evil and make your kids loopy bit.

chrisdellavedova.com does science tuesday and his research today was in the link between MMR and autism. every word that man says strikes me at the core. i know there are people out there not vac'ing for there own personal reasons, but i really hope that this MMRvaccination and austism "link" isnt the case for too much longer. in his post, he tracks down the rumor of the "link" down to the day, a single press release, where a greedy doctor makes unsubstantiated claims that there was a link. his research was totally a bust and a large majority of the doctors involved completely pulled themselves out of the picture in this study.

bottom line, a little more research never hurts and our boy chris does a good job at doing it for us. go read it mamas!


i ordered one of those giant cupcake pans. it is possible that it will be her in time for a certain boogerbear's big no.2 party. maybe not though. i hope so. it would be too rad to make a couple giant cupcakes (its a party for two, the boogerbear and his auntieKT) with plastic dinosaurs trying to munch on them... anyone have any baking in mind or is it too hot for you guys these days?


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