unbreakable boredom

so for the past three days i have been in a thick fog of bored! i have things on my to do list. i have the energy to do them. but i dont want to do them because the list items are boring in themselves and, therefore, would not cure my state of bored.
any interesting suggestions?


Erin Bradley said...

i would love to give you some ideas once i have become unbored myself. Have taken up knitting? No that might be too tempting to stab one's honey when he doesnt put the dishes in the sink.
Thanks for the sympathy and letting me know I am not alone.

hollystar said...

i do know how to knit actually. i;m not the biggest fan of knitted products though. poop.

no worries. we may love our husbands, its still too bad we have to live with them sometimes.


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