mia much?

ok. so i've been gone. i have reasons. first, i gave myself a lovely 2nd degree burn covering 3/4 of my left hand a couple weeks ago. it healed quite nicely, but was a pain in the ass for the first week. During that first week of healing, something horrible happened to my laptop so im stuck using husband's desktop, which IS NOT CONVEINENT. then my grandma showed up. so i dont have a lot of time to blog now, or a lot of time later. so it will come in waves. hopefully while my grandma is down i can get a lot of the projects i have going on completed and get some photos posted.

note to self: i need a new toaster and salad spinner.


now for a quickie...

quickie update that is. perverts.

So the receiver randomly started working again. woot. We're kinda out of our funk and I have good news though!!!

(well, I think its good news)

While I was picking up, I was trying to figure out what to do with my sewing paraphernalia. I was just thinking of moving it temporarily down stairs onto the landing that goes to our bedroom by the wash area. Until now, I’ve had my sewing station set up on the kitchen table. It’s really cramped and definitely not ideal, but it was all I had to work with. So, as I’m wishing for a house with a designated sewing room, it hits me and I figure out a way to have that space in this house. We have a table from ikea that isn’t being used and we haven’t gotten rid of it, so why not make it a sewing table?!?!? But where to put it??? duh! On the landing!

(from this view you're looking from the front door down to the landing area. the table will sit against the wall to the right. there is about twice as much total space that you see in this picture)

Its not the biggest area I get to occupy, but its all I need. Quite frankly, I don’t need my fabric stash to get too out of hand and having this space will make it easier to limit my clutter and keep it organized, which we all know I’m big on. YAY! The table is in the loft area of our garage, so Ben will have to help me get it down this weekend. A cute little hutch on top of the table and I have instant organization.

I’m so proud of me!

(I’m such a dork)


well, poop.

This evening has kinda been a bust. There is a really yucky vibe in the house. Ben is typically a super easygoing guy, that is until you mess with his a/v equipment. Well, Tyler, being the little monkey he is, was trying to climb the TV stand thing and he managed to drool into the a/v sound receiver!!!! The exclamation marks are because we have no sound now. Every time you try to turn the receiver on it gives you this power down warning and Ben says he can see drool in there on the wires or something…. I really hope that drool evaporates over night and tomorrow there will be noise again. Otherwise, Ben gets to go out and buy another receiver… um. Yay. *insert little eyerollie guy here* This rank mood has leaked over into my sewing. I was all excited that I was going to get to have some real time to sew tonight, but then Tyler leaked into the speaker thing and made Ben poopie and I totally lost my mojo. So here I blog.

Tomorrow I’m planning on having the BIL and his gf over for dinner. Lasagna. Yum. They seem to be getting along so I suppose we can socialize as a family. I think the BIL’s gf and their son is going to take a swimming class like thing with Tyler and I this summer. Sign up hasn’t started yet, so well see if she goes through with it. Ugh. I really need to give this girl a second chance. It seems like she’s fine as long as her and Nate (the BIL) are ok. Its only when they’re not ok and she turns her back on Nate and everyone associated with him. I can’t say I like that kind of hot/cold relationship with a person, but it seems to be how she operates and if we’re going to try to have out kids grow up together then I need to be able to deal with her not being able to deal in order for us to have a chance. If that makes any sense.

Well, I think I’m going to clean up a bit. While I was gone today, a couple of the shelved I mounted on the wall fell down dropping all of their DVD contents. Now I have DVDs everywhere and nowhere to put them. Oh well, today at the farmer’s market, I got some super yummy strawberries. YAY! I LOVE strawberry season!!!!


Project/Photo Update #2

first a couple embroideries that i intend on using on an applique ABC book:

i also put together a couple scraps i had laying around and one of the embroideries together and into a frame. i did FINALLY decide on the actual decor of our bedroom, until now it has just been painted a lovely green with pretty much nothing on the walls and basic bedding. AND ITS GOING TO STAY THAT WAY. actually, i decided on a color scheme of sage-like green, cornflower blue, and plain-old yellow. those colors are soothing and clean to me. but anywho, here's a possible accessory for the room:

last, but not least, is the summer blanket for tyler. i love it! ok, i love the fabric. ( i should have ironed it before i snapped the photos. le sigh)

i still didnt snap photos of those stroller strap covers, but in due time. for now, its about bed time. night, night!


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