wash your hands after reading this post.

really. i have a lame ass "cough". thats all it is. enough snot to tickle my throat and make me need to cough. but i dont want to cough. i feel like i've been playing on one of those six second abs machines for like two days straight. i've coughed so much that i have a back ache. i've gone through like 3 bags of cough drops, which is not the directed use of the drops. but, dangit! it helps. kinda. not talking works too. the boogerbear went completely wild today just because i didnt want to raise my voice.

so, that mostly explains my absence and lack of creation. last week the boogerbear had rivers of snot and a poopie disposition, so that kept us on the couch most of the time. this week we have lots going on. tomorrow we hit the children's museum, whole foods, and possibly the sb (scrapbook) store i plan to do classes for so i can pick up some supplies to make the actual class LOs (layouts). then we return home to prepare a fabulous meal for husband's and mine anniversary (a happy april fool's day to the rest of yous!) wednesday is just as busy. oh yea, tomorrow i need to make a last minute anniversary card. maybe i'll make it tonight. maybe i'll just buy one.

right now we're watching diners, drive-ins and something and the guy made an onion castle. i wouldnt eat it, but i love it! an onion castle, HA!

**really, go wash your hands now...


well, i'm going to officially whore myself out to a sb shop. come may, i have classes lined up. weee...


this isnt like me...

but i cant think of anything to get husband for our anniversary. april 1st makes a whopping two years! i can always do a bottle of something from 2006 (the year we got married) or, as tradition says i can give him something cotton or (from the modern chart of anniversary gifts) i can give him something made of china. so, what? another collared shirt or some kind of figurine that i will no doubt be the only one who acknowledges it when i'm dusting the dang thing... lame! maybe i'll stick with the bottle of wine. at least that way i can partake in the goodness as well...

anyone have any ideas?


bring it.




in honor of our easter weekend festivities kicking off tomorrow i dyed my coconut "grass" green tonight and did some PEEPing around the internet. we all know we secretly love those horrible little globs of sugar crusted stale marshmellow. here are some PEEPlinkies:

~plain ol'peeps.com for those of you who need a refresher course on peeps products.
~peep research for the brainy types (jo, your hubby would enjoy...)
~a list of peeps links so long that it made my heart swell with pride and caused an urge for me to stab my eyes out with rusty nails.
~a PEEPshow
~PEEPcrafting (my MIL bought be this book for easter. awesome.)
~i never thought to look for peeps coloring books. i know whats going into the boogerbear's basket next year...

oh, yes. i own peep plushies.


our afternoon.

HEY MOM! what's over there?


yay sand! (approx 3.2seconds were spent sitting STILL and playing in the sand)

OMFG! there's some water over there!

oh but i found a STICK!

never mind that! JAPAN HERE I COME!

you picked me up mom, what the fux?

no really, WHAT THE FUX LADY!!?!?!?!

on that note, we went home for some quality napage. i have sand down my shirt. i'm tired. i want a taco.

easter "baskets"

so my MIL bought these random paper cups at the dollar store, again.... we never use them, but they're cute so she buys them. (i cant say she's the only person guilty of that around here.) well, instead of putting them on the counter or in a box like normal, this time around she asked me what we could do with them. my thought process evolved from something we could just put a dyed easter egg in with a few goodies at everyone's place setting on easter day to making mini easter "baskets". here's the result so far:

a had all the supplies laying around the house (i'm still not sure if thats a good thing or a very bad thing...) and i got 'em cranked out really fast. i believe this will be a craft i keep in my arsenal for future use...


RED ALERT: i made something thats NOT going into a scrapbook for once!!!

i need some spring decoration around the house. today, i made me a little bird house.

chirp. chirp.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

husband's grandmother is irish and big on st. patty's day. we had a very nice pre-st. patty's day celebration last night. some naked baby action. yummy food. good beer. random tipsy conversation. good times.

oh how i love posting embarassing photos of other people (including my child) on the internet.


a little more scrapbookage....

a few layouts i did last week and i'm just now getting around to photographing and uploading...

ALSO, i just wanted to say thanks to those of you who are kind enough to leave a little love on your way out. it really means a lot to me knowing other people like my junk too! what can i say, i like my ego stroked now and again....

how's that for a not-so-subtle hit to all you lurkers!!!!


It's a cowBOY!

my SIL, is hosting a baby shower for one of her good friends and (like a fool, as usual) i hopped right on to do the invitations. now that i've sat at my printer for like four hours printing the invitation components and the two, double-sided inserts to complete the package, i have to sit here and tear, ink, grommet, string and tape all of these elements together! i'm nuts, but i LOVE it!!!

sorry about the graffiti, but i dont think they would aprove of shower crashers!


you know what i hate?

Cell Phones. Yes. Cell Phones. Big time.

So, here's the deal. like a freak, i have two cell phones and they both are driving me effing NUTS!!!

cell phone A: my "local phone" took a swim in a pool of spilled coffee on monday. lame, but we got suckered into, i mean wisely purchased the cell phone replacement insurance. monday afternoon i sat down at my laptop for what i thought would be a very painful experience. to my surprise, it wasnt painful at all. it took about 10minutes and a brand-spankin new orange enV showed up at our door the very next morning!!! yay! i activated it and all was well with the exception that i lost ALL my contacts that i had on my coffee soaked phone. again, lame, but i could recover most of my contacts off cell phone B and the rest i could just ask for via email or the next time i saw the missing contact in person. so, today i FORCED myself to go to the verizon store and get those contacts i did have transferred onto the new phone. after an hour of waiting, explaining, having the representative completely not listen to me, re-explaining, having the representative get confused, looking at the manager standing next to her with sad puppy dog eyes, having them figure it out only to tell me they didnt have a replacement phone in stock, queue theboogerbear screaming like a banshee and i still walked out the store with out a phone. ok, what i did learn was that the insurance replacement phone was now covered under a 30day defect warrenty. the phone being clearly DEFECTIVE is covered. so, a NOT brand-spaking new REFERBISHED phone is on its way to my house. yay! someone else's earsweat on my phone. so, tomorrow i get to wait for the phone to show up (hopefully before gymboree), activate it and head back to the verizon store to try to get my contacts transferred. hooray....

cell phone B: my "texas phone" is just a lame duck. its freakin old as moses. its actually on my mom's at&t account. just an extra line that i seldomly use, but its good to have around so my grandma doesnt have to pay long distance charges when she calls me. yea, so i need to make some phone calls in the car, but i cant because my almost 3 year old razor cant handle keeping a call connected while moving at a 50mph pace. ARGH!!! RAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaGE!!!

oh well, my crop-a-dile showed up today, FINALLY. so i'm going to go punch holes in things and grommet until i puke.

have a good evening everyone!!!!

too tired to think of a post title.

ugh. so tired this morning. i even went to bed before 4am last night! for those of you who don't know, i have lame, untreated insomnia or, as i call it, night owl-idis. i've always been this way. my mother says even as an infant, i partied all night and slept all day. growing up, i struggled with early bedtimes, always getting perkier as the night went on. as an adult, it was more common for me to struggle with, but accept, 4 or so hours of nightly rest. a typical night owl. i think. now, i really want to go to sleep at a somewhat decent hour and i cant. i lay in bed, in the dark, in a room devoid of all stimulus and i just cant shut down. that good ol' brain of mine keeps churning and i keep telling it to leave me ALONE! stupid brain.

so, sunday and monday night i self-emposed a personal exile to the couch. we have a very comfortable couch, so, even though i went to sleep after 4am on those nights, i did get some restful feeling sleep. last night i went to sleep in the family bed with husband and the boogerbear. i went to sleep pretty quick by my standards (under 20minutes i would say), but only to be KICKED by the boogerbear. grr... that would have been fine, but he kept doing it. no matter how i moved him, those little legs kept managing to find me. as a result of his kicking i never got into a deep sleep and i'm left feeling like i didnt sleep a wink last night.

once husband left this morning, i scooted the boogerbear over and i dont know if he kept kicking and i just didnt feel it or if i wasnt in HIS space so he didnt bother kicking ME! *sigh* this leads me to believe their is a problem in our bed. there is just not enough room for the three of us anymore. i know i've talked about putting the boogerbear in a big boy bed before, but i think its affecting the quality of our sleep (not to mention i spend about 60% of our nights on the couch now) and thats not cool.

OK. one more cup of coffee and i promise i'll go check out some matress places. i promise. (anyone know a good matress website?)

wordless (version: teh eastarrr bunnnaay!)


a holly for hire mark II: this time its personal...

ok, i didnt post about this sooner because i'm still thinking its going to fall through like before, BUT i do believe i have secured a regular scrapbook instructor gig.... again. i still havent heard anything from michael's, but a week or so ago i inquired at a scrapbooking store that had JUST opened if they were still looking for instructors. they said yes. i showed them my stuff. they liked it. (this was last friday) i was told that they would contact me on monday or tuesday about scheduling classes and i could come and pick up some materials to build a scrapbooking 101 class around. well, monday came and went. no call. tuesday came. its 5pm. no phone call. i called. an answering machine picked up. i left a nice "why the heck havent you called me back" message. tuesday went. so did wednesday and thursday. i gave up on this one. today, as i am explaining all of this to my SIL on the phone, my call waiting beeps at me. speak of the devil. its the owner of the scrapbooking store. omg, you have to be kidding me. so, she apologizes for the delay, but there was some miscommunication and they were really excited to have me come in.

as the plan stands, i'll head to the store on monday morning with my mock layouts and class outline to show them. and i also thought it would be neat to do a mini card making demo (make&take esque) with the staff. that way they everyone can see my style and just out right hate my loud and abnoxious, upfront personality. *big smiles* this weekend i'll tweek my class outline and make little mini kits for the cards. i already made the samples. they were based off this year's easter cards:

i've been getting carried away with all of the flowers lately. meh. anywho, i hope this effort isnt a wash like the michael's incident. it would be mega rad to get some of my supplies for nada and meet some neat people along the way...


wordless (version: i have random photos to share)

happy kinda sorta 25th birthday!

so, this past sunday my MIL and crew gave me a kinda sorta 25th bday party. perfect! i was hoping for a 25 & 1/2 bday party, but, who knows, august 18th hasnt looped around yet. anywho, you should have seen the banner this woman put up in her house! it was like a billion sheets of paper printed via printmaster circa 1962. here, look!

taking the time to assemble that banner was enough to tell me that my family loves me...

oh, and that they're a little kookie...

wordless (version: its wednesday, right?)

more on that later...


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