i should do this for a living.

i finally created something again! its been forever. i dont think i've touched a thing of glue since i "finished" the boogerbear's scrapbook in JULY!!!!

so here are the invitations i have made for Erican's baby shower.



i really had a great time making them. i'm even suprised at just how inexpensive these things are going to be. i got the cards&envelopes from michael's. they're by martha, so i typically would have said that they were too expensive for my purpose, but they were on clearance so i got 4packs of 8sets for $3/each!!! thats cheaper than plain cards and the envelopes are LINED! how freakin nice is that? the ribbon is that cheap-o mini ribbon you can get for like 50cents for a few yards. the ink is out of my printer and will proablly prove to be the most expensive part (i'm still not sure how many invites i have to make... grrr...) and the white interior cardstock is something i just had a ton of laying around with no purpose. win!

i think knowing that i did something fruitful other than cleaning the floors or doing laundry (i did those things too today mind you!) will help me sleep tonight. that or it will keep me up so i can make more things!

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Jo said...

I love this invitation!!! Freaking love it! You are too creative. Can't wait to see what you do next! I think I will post mine too...


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