melissa frances inspiration!

CHA is always such a frenzy of friends and new products and ordering and OMG IDEAS & INSPIRATION! One booth i ALWAYS look forward to is Melissa Frances's booth. She always makes the best samples with her products and is just flat out one of the nicest people ever!

This year was no exception. Her booth and products were stunning! Check it out!

one thing i really love but seldom use is her crepe paper. color wise, her pastels are just too pastel for me. this year she shared a new trick for staining them with plain ol' coffee and omg i'm excited.

yum yum!


shy guy...

i've been terrible at posting projects lately. so how about a drive by projecting...

i couldn't resist these photos of one of the boy's buddies at the 4th birthday party. and the echo park little boy line had some GREAT colors and graphics. a definite little boy scrappy must!



off again...

we got a short visit from dad this weekend. it was nice to recharge our batteries but never fun to say goodbye. with any luck, he will be home in a short time and all will be back to normal.

in other news anxiety is starting to set in regarding leaving for CHA later this week. Husband will obviously not be home, so the boy will be spending a few days with a grandma. its a weird feeling to leave him with someone other than my husband while i go off and "play". i'm sure i'm worrying about nothing and i am truly excited about CHA shenanigans but still...



its here!

ok, i'm a little behind, but have you seen the January issue of CARDS magazine!?!?!

well i have and I'M IN IT!

not the most amazing card i've ever made, i must admit. BUT, it does feel nice to see my name in that glossy print!





tyler gets ahold of my camera and sometimes takes the most amazing pictures for a user with no know how. love this one!
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Found: Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard

idk if this guy got the film to its owners....

but i enjoyed the video he put together...


one fine day...

lately i've been drawn to "autumn" colors. not sure why, but cannot resits oranges and yellows. never mind this great snap shot i got of the boy and his buddy. the leaves are amazing!

anywho, with that in mind i busted out my January kit from The Sampler and the had some help putting this layout together using The Sampler's January sketch challenge which you can find here! (definitely want to check it out! winner of this month's challenge gets a whole kit! $45 retail value crammed packed goodie bag of awesomeness!)

the colors were just right and so were the embellishments! the rust color cardstock has a great rub-on from pink paislee to dress it up and i love it!

i wanted to keep this layout a bit light since all the lines were so harsh and my colors so serious. In the kit there is a great pack of pom poms from Glitz and it was just perfect. i love how fluid the "ribbon" looks in contrast to the rest of the layout.

be sure to swing by the other DT members blogs and check out their takes on the sketch as well!

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currently 1.12.11

this is husband's car this morning whilst he is in upstate NY. it snowed. both of our reaction to this image was a laugh, but, then, it was "oh crap! how do you get that much snow off a car?!" apparently you wear gloves and use a tool larger than a plastic ice scraper. learn something new everyday.

listening: star trek the next generation marathon
eating: thinking about a chobani yogurt. tummy has been way upset lately.
drinking: water
reading: As Always, Julia: The Letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto
wearing: tank top, hoodie, and my favorite lucy yoga pants
feeling: a little bleh, but over all ok. maybe a little worried.
weather: clear skies. what is weather?
wanting: to run a costco errand and be back home
needing: to get some crafting done tonight!
thinking: the boy is a cutie patootie as he gets mad at his pants button
enjoying: the down throw on the sofa. very cozy.
wondering: why the boy never gets a pair of matching socks out of the drawer


where have i been and what have i been doing...

well, this has been my view for the past couple weeks. gross i know, but ugh. piles and piles of tissues. but, its getting better. i think. i hope...

in other news, finally got some crafty goodies back out and poked around for a bit. i was playing with the Adirondack color washes from ranger and couldn't resist a make&take for DEstress friday this week at memories live on. i really liked how bold the colors are on their own and how they can be manipulated with just water. i can see lots of fun things coming from these little bottles!


not slowing down from here...

A cold completely wiped out the end of my 2010, but that's not holding me back in 2011! No sir! I have exciting news to share now and through out 2011!

For starters, guess who is a new Sassy over at Sassy Little Sketches?!


ME! That's right! I am joining their team for this term and couldn't be more thrilled. Between amazing sketches and designers, Sassy Little Sketches has also managed to put together a great community! I HIGHLY recommend you check out not only their sketch challenges but also their forums which are quite cozy!

Next for 2011 I want to share The Sampler's January 2011 Kit reveal!

This month's kit is named "A Bright New Year" and it really is the truth! This kit has totally inspired me to clean off my craft desk, set up my new printer and get ready to scrap my heart out! Related Posts with Thumbnails