3 weeks later and down 14lbs.

so yea, still tracking my eating with weight watchers, which is turning out to be the smartest thing i could have done. its way too easy to just not eat with the pills. they certianly do what they advertise. regardless, i'm happy with those lbs. off. i already feel lighter and more active.

speaking of, i've been trying to beef up my workouts too. daily stroller walks, a 30min yoga dvd 3 times a week, oh, and running after my insane child nonstop! that kid never sits still i swear. i have to force him to keep even a flexible schedule. heck, i have to force him to sleep. his bucket-o-energy is bottomless! anywho, back on topic, i'm also thinking of joining a gym. yea, i know. what was the point in buying that eliptical machine 8months ago? heck if i know. but i would have joined a gym back then too, but i didnt think a gym existed where they would watch your child while you worked out unless the child in question was potty trained. wrong! the gym my SIL attends will look after children 6mo plus. they just come and find you for any serious diaper or feeding situations. my SIL really likes the classes at this place and if i can go during the day with out interupting ben's fleeting evenings at home, then i win!

so i got lucky for one more week. dh will not be leaving for korea for at least another week if at all. then there is another tool for him to work on in taiwan, but we arent sure which of the motley crew he works with will be heading there if the korea thing falls through. then all i have to really worry about is him being shipped to germany around christmas. hum.

so, the other night we had a date night. we went out to dinner sans boogerbear and his work was the hot topic of the evening, mostly because he had a stressful day. so i humored him and asked questions. 2 cosmos and half a bottle of wine later he finished telling me a shortened version of what he did. my god. vaccums, and guns, but laser guns, and lights, but heavy duty xray type lights, and nitrogen, and turdburglers, and semiconductors, and fabs, and samsung, and 11x-qe, and samples, and particles, and yea.... so, thats why my husband has to leave the country for work...


Erin Bradley said...

AWESOME!!!! I totally lagged and so far have lost only 4 pounds. I havent been to the gym lately and its hurting me. Maybe I will go today. I need a pickmeup.

Congrats on your weightloss! Its awesome!

Jo said...

picking up my drugs from the Costco pharmacy tomorrow... will let you know how the weight loss goes as well!

hollystar said...


if we all band together, we can stick it to the scale... ok that was a little too dorky for even i.

i'll go lurk somewhere now.


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