hey, 2009.

If I hadn't made me, I would've been made somehow..
If I hadn't assembled myself, Id've fallen apart by now.
If I hadn't made me, I'd be more inclined to bow.
Powers that be, Would have swallowed me up
But that's more than I can allow.

If you let them make you, they'll make you Paper-Mache
At a distance you're strong, until the wind comes
Then you'll crumble and blow away.
If you let him fuck you there will be no foreplay.
Rest assured, They'll screw you complete, Until your ass is blue and grey!

You should make amends with you,
If only for better health.
But if you really want to live,
Why not try, and Make yourself?
Make yourself (Make yourself)

If I hadn't made me, I'd have fallen apart by now.
I won't let them make me..It's more than I can allow.
So when I make me, I won't be paper-Mache..
And if I fuck me...I'll fuck me in my own way.

happy new year everyone!

sunshine and bunnies,


easing back into reality.

christmas was wonderful. so much good food and good company. now, the house is a disaster and i have no idea where to start. so much christmas to clean up. our poor trash collectors are going to hate me this week. we opened gifts with husband's family at our house this year and we have so much recycling. our FULL bin went out friday. i brought it back in that afternoon and completely filled it again AND i broke down a stack of boxes at least a foot high. ugh. oh wells. 

i have a huge to do list. things like:

~clean up and put away christmas

~finish january class album for Memories Live On

~finish and mail atc swaps for january (i have 6 swaps this month!)

~work on some samples for memories live on

~figure out possible travel to houston

~see who/what's going on for new year's eve (really hoping for a few friends and family coming over for board games, munchies and watching the ball drop. dorky hats and noise makers included)

~clean out toddler from car.

~hang super cool pottery barn shelving so i can organize designated crafting area

~continue shopping for clearance ornaments. (i have big plans for wreaths next year)

~update blog (check)

~update blog with holiday photos

~load photos

~post cookie recipes and inform joe that while husband does not weigh 400lbs, i have added a little to him since we met. 

all of which i fully intend on doing. soon at that. right....

merry belated christmas and happy early new year if i dont get back to you kiddies!

sunshine and bunnies, 




this is a little of what i did last night. call me crazy... no, really. crazy. 9 hours of straight baking...

i found these super cute boxes at target to pack cookies in for gifts. i bought the 6 that were there. i wish they had MOAR!

Spritz cookies. these were super fun to make. and yummy. must make more!

cocoa cookies with powder sugar on top. they're bitter but the powder sugar is just right. 

box for husband's coworkers.

another box i packed for husband to take to work.


o christmas tree

our tree is freakin huge this year. i thought we had like a 7 foot tree last year. i was wrong. it had to have been closer to 6. i say this because this year's tree is somewhere around 8ft and it dwarfs last year's tree. anywho, its in the house and decorated. i think my tree has developed a theme finally. i'm going to call it a "handmade toy wonderland" erm... well yea. i have a few hand pieced sequin ornaments that my grandma sent me and some felt ornaments that are adorable. other than my "keepsake" ornaments, most of the stuff on the tree came from kmart of all places. martha has a line of candy/cookie/toy themed stuff that i adore. i got a wooden bell and russian doll that are so cute along with some tin cars and wagons. and the painted jingle ball is so cool. all those glittery balls come from kmart too, like a dozen for $5 or so. i bought most of it last year, but they have the same stuff this year again so i think i will be making a december 26th trip there. i normally wouldnt shop at kmart, but its the only store in our town that i could buy christmas lights and staples for my staple gun in the same swoop. actually, they didnt even have the staples. anywho, i hope your trees are just as fabulous as i think mine is.

fancy glass bird i got last year at a little boutique while shopping with my mom. she has the same one on her tree. this is also the only glass ornament i would allow on my tree. all the other balls are shatterproof which i HIGHLY recomend for anyone with a small child.

i really like these polka dot balls. i have all the colors from the martha collection, but i want more. i saw that michael's had some glittery balls that had dots too. might need to see if they have any of those left after christmas.

giant painted jingle ball. it really jingles. the boy has proven so time and time again.

love the russian dolls. i'm not calling them by their real name because i will more than likely misspell it, but what else it new?

love this little wooden bird!

husband's grandma made this ornament when my MIL and FIL were married still. on the back its dated 1978 on the back. happy 30th bday ornament!

one of the sequin ornaments i got out of my grandma. its so cute!

the whole tree. not a great photo at all, but i will get more. soon. maybe even better ones. notice the wooden bead garland towards the bottom. its perfect! its only one strand. no others exists. i'm sad. 


best snickerdoodle recipe EVAR!

the fabulous woman who is the heart and sole (and baker) over at how to eat a cupcake has posted her holiday cookie extravagaza! one of the cookies she made was a snickerdoodle which i have been craving for weeks, but never saw one that actually looked good. when i saw her post and recognized that i had all the ingredients, i had to make them. they were super easy, super quick and beyond yummy. i will never buy another snickerdoodle as long as i have this recipe.

**photo borrowed from howtoeatacupcake.net**


hello blog. how are you?

i'm doing good. busy. but busy is good. i totally got the christmas decorations up. one day this week we're planning on going to pick out a tree and i will decorate it accordingly. then, this weekend, i'm planning on stapling lights to the house. griswald style. gifting is working out well. i still have loads to make for people, but i have lists completed. the small child has come down with a cold. he's a bit pathetic. all snotty and scratchy sounding. he's holding up the christmas cards though. i was planning on slipping in a picture with santa into them, but there is no way i'm taking him for another round with santa in his condition. round one with santa was quite interesting. we had been talking about going to see santa and he was cool with that, but, as soon as i asked him to sit on santa's lap, he was clingier than one of those koala bear's that holds onto things. you know the ones. so yea, no picture with santa.

anywho, i should finish packaging up the cards and tags that will be for sale at Memories Live On shortly. woots. (easier than etsy for this round.)

until next time...

sunshine and bunnies,


get in the spirit with red oak lines.

one of my favorite scrapper/bloggers (red oak lines) has posted some very pretty pictures of the start of her christmas decorating. i love it! not only has she shared some inspiration, she is also doing a RAK for anyone who comments! GO!

also, you might want to congratulate her on her DT spot with scrapstars!!!



ok, so i did pick a lucky winner on friday, but i didnt post. i know. how lame am i? but, since i did pick a winner (and have the weekend to cram even more into the envelope) i can now congratulate Kellie on her friday karma!

kellie, if you will just email me your address {hollystar[at]gmail[dot]com}, i will get this pocket of yum yums out to you asap!

anywho, back to cleaning and organizing and cooking and stuffs! if i dont make it back here before then, HAPPY THANKSGIVING(US). :)


late electrician + holly* in cleaning mode = kawaii giveaway for you!!!

yea, so i'm sitting around, waiting on an electrician that was supposed to be here two hours ago. nothing. i decided to stuff an envelope full of goodies for a friend of mine and a SIS and i thought "why not do one for the blog?" i told myself it was ok and here it is...

btw, the envelope isnt even closed yet, so who knows what else will get in there!!! (for instance the adorable little stickers i just remembered i had...) you have until friday, midnight pacific to leave a comment, oh, about anything to enter your name into the hat i will draw one lucky winner from. good luck!

oh, and the poodle says hi!


i dont wanna grow up...

so, when husband and i got hitched we got new glassware as a gift. at the time i thought it was the right thing to do and retire the random brewery pint glass collection. we were grown ups after all and grown ups dont only have bar glasses as there daily glassware. right? fastforward 3 years later and we've broken most of our grown up glasses and something tells me that were not really grown ups. but thats ok. in fact, i think its best. unfortunately, while we have enough glasses for our own personal daily use, we do not however have enough for the pack of people coming into our home for thanksgiving. i could just go out and buy more glasses to match our existing glassware. i could. but they're boring. and they break. clearly. instead, i think i'm going to do two things.

1. buy a set of 24 dirt CHEAP juice glasses for wine and maybe even juice (doubtful) because we long ago established we are not allowed to use actual wine glasses. especially in the presence of husband's friend AJ who was infamous for his breaking of crystal and stemware. these will come in most handy come thanksgiving.

2. reinstate the random brewery pints.

i mean they say something about us. most of them have been collected at places we've visited (alone or together) and, well, they're dang sturdy. sure it adds a bit of frat to my kitchen, but who's to say my kitchen doesnt need that. i would like to add a few more so i can have a set of 10 or 12. i think i'm going to order at least one pint glass of every style from the stone brewery online store. and that will bring us up to 10. well i dont think i will order the stout glass. they dont stack well.


you're always on my mind.

ok, so, there has been a lot of claims that i have been on some sort of drug lately. apparently its the only way to explain why i would have offered to host thanksgiving this yea. whatever.

none the less, i've been thinking about it a lot. i mean, it is only a couple weeks away. i want to make sure its a nice day. it is, in fact, husband's favorite holiday. i think it has something to do with the yummy foods and lack of gift giving. anywho, so i have seating figured out, i'm working on a meal plan (because turkey and dressing need more explaining), the house is covered in pumpkins, and i have a stash of wine that shouldnt be allowed within 10miles of the local AA meeting. the only thing left is to order one of these pans.

cute! now i just need to figure out a cakelet recipe for it. i was thinking something not too sweet. maybe even cornbread. cornbread with maple pumpkin butter. eh? no? leave a comment then with your bright ideas, mister smartie pants!

anywho, its back to the papercutting salt mines for me. ACK! paper cuts in a salt mine? no thanks!


bits and pieces.

how about a random things post? ok. sounds good.

~so, as i mentioned before, i was MIA thanks to a severly abused power cord and slacking on ordering a new one. i spent most of last week in a benadryl daze (due to misc all over itching. i still itch. i dont know why. its not dry skin and i dont have a rash/bumps. mysterious. i wish it would stop) and not getting near as much done as i would have liked. benedryl makes for a smeepy holly*
~i did get all of the halloween decoration off of the house and back into their storage container. (check mark for holly*)
~we had dinner sunday night for husband's dad's birthday. two things about husband's dad: he's is a bit of a hermit and i think he's pretty much scared of me. husband says its because i have boobs. regardless, last night was a very enjoyable experience. he seemed to be coping better with the existance of other people. oh, and husband's granny came too! she was very lively last night. we gave her a beer. why is it so amusing when almost 90 year old women accept your offer for a beer?
~working on christmas cards. i think i got a little over ambitious here. i'm making 150 cards. 100 for family, friends and co-workers (yea, and i weeded out some people this year!) and then 50 that i plan on putting in my etsy shop within the next week. the quantity isnt so much of the problem as the quality i'm putting into them. each one will be a mixture of hand stamped and embossed. its taking a lot of time, but i think they look fabulous so far!
~i signed myself up to have thanksgiving at our house this year. my MIL is having gallbladder issues and would like to have her surgery over her thanksgiving break (she's taking 16 units this semster!) and our options were to have thanksgiving at our house or to eat out. the june cleaver in me just couldnt let our family eat out on such and important holiday. so, with tastefully decorated card tables and outsourcing turkey duties to a grandma, we will being having a minimum of 13 people in our house and the possibility of 21 on thanksgiving day. i'm scared.
~swaps over at SIS are going well. i'm caught up and loving the things i've gotten back! small issue with a package going to canada, but i hope it will show up soon! happy mail isnt something i think i will do again. at least not in the fall. too much going on and i hate the idea that my partner and i havent given each other the attention we would have liked. even though happymail is technically over, i'm going to keep sending her goodies when i do get the chance,
~i havent gotten a whole lot of scrapbooking done lately due to halloween projects, swaps and i'm really trying to get on the stick for christmas gifting. i have ideas for pretty much everyone. the scarves are about half way done, the BIL's gift is halfway done, i have a pattern made for the kiddie guitars i was going to sew and stuff, and i have matterials gathered for the minibooks i wanted to do.
~this saturday i'm doing a mega crop at scrapbook island (10am-11pm) and i really hope to get loads of personal stuff done.
~friday, after husband gets off work, we're going to drive up to berkley and have dinner with one of his buddies. he's what i would call a foodie, has a girlfiend who works at a farmers market (and barters for some fabulous yummies) and i'm hoping to get some food inspiration from him. i'm bored with cooking lately.
~this week i'm planning on eating smaller. i have so many knives that which i'm juggling and i hate every night i make this big production in the kitchen, make a huge mess and i still dont have a fabulously, wonderful, new and exciting meal on the table. examples of my "smaller" meals include: spinach salad (with a little chicken along with the normal goodies), bagels with creamcheese and salmon, and oatmeal.
~i've been on an oatmeal kick lately.
~i just found out that hero arts (makers of some of my all time FAVORITE stamps. asside from the coordinating sets from sassafras lass, or course) are located in richmond, ca. very cool and pretty close. i must remember to inquire if they do studio tours or they have a shop where i can go and touch and buy. because i will. those christmas cards i mentioned earlier are covered in hero arts stamps. literally.
~the boogerbear is obsessed with satsuma mandarine. he's had 4 today already and i had to cut him off!

ok, i think thats enough randomness. i hope to put up a tasty tuesday tomorrow, but i dont know the at will have the time to hunt down something tasty today. maybe i will make a hero arts stamp wish list. seriously, i love those stamps!

hope everyone is well!!!
xoxo, holly*



i'm back. no more tweeting and checking email via cell phone. i even ordered two chargers for my laptop so this never happens again! and now:


Tasty Tuesday!

For this week's tasty tuesday (as requested and in honor of the 10 sugar pumpkins i have waiting for me to process in to puree) here are my punkin recipes from when i made a punkin pie. Kinda. I have a tendency to tweek things here and there. You know, add an extra pinch of this, a smidge of that, exclude this other thing because I forgot it at the store. In other words, don't be afraid to make these recipes your own. My tweeks worked out for me.You get the idea. Anywho, these are the recipes I used. I know I found them at 3 different sites and I have no idea where I found them since I copy all my recipes into word docs with out links. I win! Sorry to the people who took the time to post these things on the internet in the 1st place. The recipes are GREAT and the advice is solid! If YOU happen to know where I found any of these, leave me a comment with the link and I will update the references! On to the PIE!

Selecting the Pumpkin
When selecting a pumpkin for making a pie, be sure to choose a small pumpkin that is a variety specifically grown for eating, such as sugar, cheese, or milk pumpkins. They may also be called pie pumpkins and generally weigh from 2 to 4 pounds. Do not select the Jack-O-Lantern variety, which is not as sweet and has flesh that is tough and stringy. Select one that has good orange coloring and is heavy for its size. It should be firm, free of blemishes and have its stem intact. Pie pumpkins will yield approximately 1 cup of puree per pound of pumpkin.
Once the pumpkin has been purchased, it can be stored in a cool, dry area for approximately a month. Do not store in temperatures below 50°F. Do not refrigerate fresh pumpkins or wrap in plastic.

Pumpkin Preparation
~Wash the exterior of the pumpkin with cool water to remove any dirt and debris from the outer surface.
~Remove the stem from the pumpkin and cut the pumpkin in half lengthwise.
~Scrape out the seeds and stringy fibers from the center of the pumpkin using a metal spoon. Discard the stringy fibers and if preferred, the seeds can be saved for roasting. (recipes to follow)
~Leave the pumpkin in halves or cut into quarters if desired.

Preparing Fresh Pumpkin Puree
~Preheat the oven to 350°F.
~Coat the cut surface of the pumpkin halves with vegetable oil. ~Place pumpkin halves cut side done in a roasting pan. Add 1 cup of water to the pan.
~Place the pumpkin in the preheated oven and bake for 60 to 90 minutes.
The pumpkin should be baked until the flesh is very tender. Poke with a fork to check for doneness.
Note: The pumpkin halves can also be cooked in the microwave. Place the halves in a microwave-safe dish, add 1 cup of water and cover. To fit properly in the microwave-safe dish, the halves may have to be cut into smaller pieces. Place in the microwave oven and cook on high for 15 minutes. Test for doneness by poking with a fork. If not completely tender, return to the microwave and continue to cook for 5 minute intervals, checking tenderness after each interval. Also note, i didnt do this....
~When the pumpkin has cooked to proper tenderness, remove from the oven and place on a cutting board or cooling rack. Allow to cool until it can be handled comfortably.
~Scrape the flesh out of the pumpkin halves and discard the skins. Place pumpkin flesh in a large bowl.
~Mash the pumpkin by hand using a potato masher. Mash until all the pumpkin is a smooth consistency.
~Another method that can be used to puree the pumpkin is to mix it with a hand mixer. A blender or food processor can also be used.
~Drain moisture from the puree by placing it in a sieve lined with paper towels or a double layer of coffee filters. Be sure the sieve is placed in a bowl to catch the liquid as it drains from the pureed pumpkin.
~Cover the puree with plastic wrap. Place in the refrigerator and allow puree to drain for at least 2 hours. Drain overnight if possible.
~After draining, the puree should be about the same consistency as commercially canned pumpkin.
~If the puree will not be used immediately, place it in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator for 24 hours. For longer storage, freeze the puree in measured quantities. Mark the container with the date, contents and quantity. Freeze up to 3 months.

Making Fresh Pumpkin Pie
The recipe below is for a traditional pumpkin pie. The pumpkin puree can also be used in any recipe calling for commercially canned pumpkin. A 15 oz. can of pumpkin is equal to 1 3/4 cups of pumpkin puree.
Traditional Pumpkin Pie
1 single pie crust, 9 inch
1 1/2 c. pumpkin puree
1 1/2 c. heavy cream
1/2 c. brown sugar
1 tbsp. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp. ground ginger
1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg
1/2 c. light corn syrup
3 eggs, beaten
1 tsp. vanilla
whipped cream for serving
Have the single 9 inch pie crust prepared and chilled. (recipe to follow) Preheat oven to 350°F.
~Combine flour in with the brown sugar and stir until they are evenly distributed.
~Add the brown sugar and flour mixture to the pumpkin puree and heavy cream. Beat until well blended.
~Add the salt, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Stir into pumpkin mixture.
~Add corn syrup and beat until well blended.
~Add the beaten eggs and vanilla to the mixture.
~Beat the eggs and vanilla into the mixture until thoroughly mixed.
~Pour pumpkin filling into the unbaked pie shell.
~Place the pie in the preheated oven and bake for 50 to 60 minutes.
~Check after 30 minutes to see if it looks like the crust is going to brown too much. If so, place a piece of foil over the pie. Remove the foil for the last 10 minutes of baking time so crust will finish browning.
To check for doneness, insert the tip of a table knife in about 1 inch from the center of the pie. The knife will come out clean if the pie is done.
Or, gently shake the pie and if about an inch of the center jiggles a little, the pie is done. The center will set from the heat of the pie after it is removed from the oven. If more than just the center jiggles, continue to cook and check for doneness at 5 minute intervals.

When the pie is done, remove it from the oven and allow it to cool completely before serving. Serve with a spoonful of whipped cream on each slice.

TOTALLY AWESOME PIE CRUST RECIPE! (yes, thats what i saved it as...)

1 double crust
• 1 1/2 cups five roses all-purpose flour or any all-purpose flour
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
• 1/2 cup shortening
• 1/3 cup ice-cold water
~Mix Five Roses Flour, salt and baking powder together.
~Cut in shortening with two knives or pastry blender.
~Add ice cold water, a little at a time, using just enough to bind the mixture so the dough can be patted lightly to form a ball. HANDLE AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.
~Form 2/3 of dough into a round disc and place on lightly floured board. Save remaining dough for top crust. Roll dough from center outward, with a light, even pressure, to form a circle 1/8 inch thick and an inch larger than the pie plate.
~Fold double and lift gently into pie plate. Unfold and fit loosely in place. DO NOT STRETCH.
~Trim edges, allowing 1/4 to 1/2 inch extra all around. Put in a generous amount of filling. Heap fruit filling in center because it will cook down during baking.
~Roll out top crust; fold double and cut slits or fancy design near center to allow steam to escape.
~Brush edges of bottom crust with water, fit top crust over filling and lightly press top edges together. Trim edges evenly and flute.
~Bake as directed for pie filling.

~Yield: One 9 inch double crust pie or two 9 inch single shells.
*Single Shell:.
~Use only 1/2 of dough for each single shell. Arrange bottom crust in pie pan as above.
~Press pastry to rim of pie plate; flute.
~Add filling. Bake as directed for filling.

for my 10" pie baker, i used pretty much all of the dough...

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds!

When roasting pumpkin seeds you need not worry about the type of pumpkin you're getting the seeds from. i think. what i mean to say is that you CAN use the seeds from a jack-o-lantern pumpkin and they'll be fine.

1 1/2 cups pumpkin seeds
2 teaspoons melted butter or oil (olive oil or vegetable oil work well) (i prefer olive oil)
salt to taste (i prefer kosher)
Options To Taste:
garlic powder
cayenne pepper
seasoning salt
Cajun seasoning blend

Preheat oven to 300° F.

While it's O.K. to leave some strings and pulp on your seeds (it adds flavor), clean off any major chunks. Toss pumpkin seeds in a bowl with the melted butter or oil and seasonings of your choice. Spread pumpkin seeds in a single layer on baking sheet. Bake for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until golden brown.

enjoy the pumpkin tastiness! i'm working on a pumpkin muffin. i'll posts any successes! happy tasty tuesday!


wordless (version: halloween, his and hers)

can you guess who's is who's? (hint: i made one. husband made the other...)


well, it finally happened...

my laptop charger is toast. over a year of bending and twisting and pulling and packing and moving and living and its finally in a better place with all of the other mistreated electronics that have passed through my life. i blog to you now on my last half full battery charge not knowing when the new charger will show up or how many new posts i will have on my feed reader when it finally does. with hope, i will see all of you in 3-5 days. until then, its tweets and email checks via the cell phone....

note: a couple days of posts are scheduled. enjoy. *sniff, sniff*

not a note: why the fuck are laptop chargers so hard to replace?!?!?!


i couldnt find a clip from the giraffes! segment from this saturday's SNL, so have some dick in a box until i can find the more than amusing giraffes! clip. for the gentlemen reading, i do NOT advise you to put your dick in a box for your significant other.


ok, i'm bored with halloween.

not really, but its been non-stop halloween all week. so i stuff treat bags for our party on friday i ask myself: was making 8 stuffed owls really a good idea? i seriously have blisters on my right middle finger knuckle from cutting all this crap. now i MUST sew them. MUST. most of the party is prep'd. we have "owl dropping: dip, curddled goats milk" spread, "OWLoween" pizza for the kiddies and so on and so forth. crafts for the kids are good to go. all i have left are those effing owls and the pumpkins husband and i are carving tonight.

ok, how about a break from halloween and onto christmas. nevermind thanks giving.

STAR TREK NUTCRACKERS?!?!?! how flippin cool are these?!?!? i want. i need. i must have.

ok. back to halloween for a bit.


tasty tuesday!

keep calm and carry on.

yes, i try, but i have admired this poster since i spotted at the back of an issue of domino magazine. why the love? i really just love/appreciate that era and the sentiment behind this poster being plastered all over england. anywho, i put my new love for this poster on the back burner until i opened up an envelope of yumminess from a fellow SISter. inside that envelope was a postcard that is a miniture reproduction of this poster. i fully plan on framing this postcard until i get around to ordering my own full sized copy of this poster.

OH-ho-ho.but the love doesnt stop there, i also ordered a stamp when i preordered the new sassafrass lass "life at the pole". i try not to buy too many stamps these days, but how could i pass this guy up?

last, but not least, i foundsfgirlbybay's etsy shop where she is selling fabulous hand silk-screened reproductions of this poster in awesome colors! a way easier alternative from odering it from accross the pond! i need to fit it in to buy one these guys. i guess i will just add it to the list...

happy tasty tuesday everyone!


boogerbear costume sneak peak.

a while ago i mentioned the boogerbear was going to be a treatosaurus, but, upon closer inspection, i decided against it and moved on. since this year we're having an "OWLoween" party, i thought he should be an owl. i made the top today.

there are basic brown sweat pants to match. i'm thinking of making a "nest" for a "treat bucket" or might make something that looks a little like a tootsie roll pop. who knows. i might not do anything.


i made a punkin pie.

you, little punkin, will be PIE!


not cooked punkins.

cooked punkins. 

mushed punkin.

mmm... sugar.

yup. i made my own crust.

almost punkin pie. 

mmmn. . . PIE! (yes, i even made that whipped cream. whipped buttermilk cream actually. doesnt sound good, but compliments the punkin pie very well)


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