i've been feeling crafty lately. maybe i'm finally getting a hand on things on my to do list. maybe not. maybe i'm getting better at ignoring them... i mean, nooooooooooooooo....

anywho, i have some fun stuff to look forward to. we have a huge expo that we're taking the sampler to in a couple weeks. classes coming up that i am on so in love with. tonight when i get home i will have to post some sneaks of my upcoming canvas class using the sampler. love love love it! then a trip to houston to hang out with family and friends. a long over due trip for sure!

anywho, off to post a mini tutorial at The Crop Spot using some fun alcohol ink techniques.



it's FOUR today and i think i'm ready for another one...

ao its been a while. but i've been busy with the Sampler and keeping up with other projects. i have a handful of layouts and cards to upload but they can having their own post. I just wanted to write down what i was thinking and see if it still sounded good. Maybe. Tyler is getting older and he needs a brother or sister to keep him company. he keeps saying sister and preferably twins. ambitious huh? well yah. a baby. i think its time. hopefully for all of us..

well other than baby news i'm keeping distracted. the sampler is really going well and getting bigger and bigger. i have some annoucements to put up at The Crop Spot and have parts of kits everywhere that i cant wait to show everyone. i've also gotten my hands on some of the new (and older) tim holtz products and love love love working with them. TO make a quick exit, here is a canvas i made a couple weeks ago. i put a backgroud tutorial at The Crop Spot for SBSRUS. check it out! also swing by their forums! slow start but i can see some good times going on there.



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