my 1st earthquake

so we had an earthquake fairly close to us this evening. i thought someone was knocking on the door really loudly as my SIL, holding the boogerbear, ran to the nearest door frame. being the texan that i am i stare at her blankly wondering if she saw someone at the door with a gun or something.... nope. then i notice our surroundsound speakers that are on independant stands around the living room were rocking back and forth as if they were about to tip over. still standing there dumbfounded, my SIL informed me that we just had an earthquake. a short one, but an earthquake. then i semi-freaked out and asked all kinds of stupid questions like "will there be a bigger one?" duh. i even know about aftershocks and how that works. we turned on a local channel and got a breaking news tidbit that proved the earthquake was real and all was still right in the world. i breathed a sigh of releif. i'm a dork. a dork who has officially survived her 1st earthquake.

i think i should go scrapbook the memory...


Jo said...

welcome to cali, girlfriend!

Erin Bradley said...

I had my first earthquake when I went out there two years ago. I didnt feel a damn thing but a loaf of bread fell off of Bryan's aunt's shelf. That was my only proof.


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