December Daily Coaster Winner!

I know I said I would post yesterday, but yesterday was INSANE. So its WINDY around here. or was. (not so bad right now) ...but when i say windy i mean WINDY. trees falling and power outages. not as bad as some places but kinda scary none the less... for it just being WIND. So the little town we live in was a complete zoo. gas stations and grocery stores were closed and people we're just jerks in general. so the boy and i wandered off, did our errands and were gone the whole day. Time flies when you're avoiding whack-OS apparently.  ANYWHO.... on to the main event... 
The boy picked comment number FOUR!

(Shoot me your mailing info and I will get those coasters out asap so you can use them!)

I love seeing the comments and project that are showing up for the december daily albums. i'm hoping to get my day 1 posted tonight. but another busy day is upon us. the boy is about to head to school, i have a lunch date with the MIL, then a few hours to kill (i.e. craft and do laundry) then head our for husband's holiday party for work. its alaways at the same boci ball place and there is always good food and drinks. while i wont be drinking this year, it will be nice to see some of his co-workers whom i have grown attached to over the past couple years. 

happy friday everyone and hope to see yall later on with some eye candy! 


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