This is becoming a serious tradition for the boy and his great-grandma (aka. moomoo). When my German grandmother (aka. moomoo) wed my Czech grandfather, they adapted to one another's traditions. He became a Lutheran and she learned to make kolaches. (at least this is how I understand the arrangement. lol)

Moomoo has since taught her daughters, her grand-daughter and now her great-grandson to make kolaches. 

Since the boy was about 2 we've been making kolaches with moomoo. He's gotten pretty dang good.Its always a highlight for our Houston visits.

Crap, now I want a kolache!



those eyes

Little lady is getting so big. Tonight I watched he stand up in the middle of the living room. Alone, not a huge feat. In fact, she's been standing in various ways for months. BUT, tonight, she stood up from sitting with out touching or grasping ANYTHING. Her independently walking is too close. So is her leaving for college...

I will always have the memories though... sunshine&bunnies, holly*


is that... pink?

Lately I've been noticing a color sneaking into my projects that once was perma-banned. pink...

obviously not so perma-banned after all, huh?

i suppose it is only to be expected that pink would sneak into my crafting arsenal eventually after the birth of pip. who know it would go monotone?

BTW, totally created this layout in a snap by combining the powers of The Sampler Kit Club's Oct2012 kit AND a FABULOUS sketch from Heather Landry! If you haven't checked out her blog & sketches yet, RUN DON'T WALK!!



HAPPY Friday with HAPPY Ladies... dammit.

This week started off way lame with uber hot weather and my very much loved escape taking its last gear shift for me. Monday and Tuesday were just the pits. Wednesday night we bought a new car and Thursday was spent dealing with insurance mans and trying to figure out what the heck we were going to do with the escape. so, today being friday, we are happy... dammit. lol. I have a few projects that I haven't shared but thought this happy Friday was a great time! Both use mostly bella blvd and totally bring a smile to my face...

so the boy was invited to the LSS owner's daughter's birthday party a while back. Gah! The pressure to make something was intense. lol. I did have fun decorating her bag. Bells Blvd's washi tape and stickers made this bag perfect!

I love pretty well all things rainbow (UNICORN POOP!) and I love making rainbow layouts, cards, minis, canvas, whatever. Bella Blvd has some great cardstock stickers that are all in the same color family. i.e. shades of yellow/orange or pink/red or blues or greens or even black/white. Anywho, I love them!

Now, off to finish peanut butter cookies for the boy's teacher. They're her favorite!


making things...

...always makes me feel amazing. Typically I make things for a scrapbook or a small gift or something small for around the house or even something to wear. A few weeks ago I made something BIGGER, something completely practical, something involving a drill and two by fours! A potting bench!

No, its nothing fancy. In fact, the majority of the construction utilizes old fence boards from our fallen (and replaced) fence.  Building this bench was VERY simple. There were no plans, just an idea, a few simple measurements and an hour. Its not like we have a HUGE yard. We have a teensy yard actually. BUT, this simple bench wrangles the few things I have for our little yard/garden and it gives husband a surface to put things when he's grilling. 

I am super stoked on this boring bench because of its organization appeal and the simple fact that I MADE THAT! bare hands! very cool. that AND i ACTUALLY FINISHED a project, in one setting. start to finish... RArr.

Now, if only I could get a few more things done...



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