THIS MONTH v. holy crap its December!

Well, I kinda kept on track last month. Some blog posts. A video even! Husband spend most of November out of town, but made it home to share the holidays. Our Thanksgiving was full of family and wonderful food. It was really nice to have all the nieces & nephews around to see how they have grown in the past year. Its like talking to grown ups... i mean, some of them are 18+, but still! Its amazing! This month will bring many opportunities to enjoy the company of family and friends and its going to be GREAT

*Looking forward to:

DISNEYLAND (surprising the boy with this trip! very excited!)
A very special visit from our Mimi 
Holiday Decorating & Baking
Gift Giving
Wrapping up another semester of homeschooling the boy
Celebrating the season and welcoming great things in 2015

*Blogging this month:
Simple ornaments for kids 

Holiday album updates 
Watercolor holiday canvas video 

Keeping our holidays under budget and overflowing with cheer! 

Happy December!


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