killing time while a cold kills me.

so, my printer is slllloooooooww. i'm here, finishing the printing for those invitations and its taking FOREVER! ok, i'm just impatent right now. the boogerbear gave me his croup. ok, i dont have croup, but i do have a cold of sorts and its yucky yucky icky yucky poopie ew! the booger is better though. thank goodness!

so, my grandma is visiting. bad timing huh? so her visit has been kinda borning. i really hope we dont send her home sick! otherwise, TX, LOOK OUT! here comes some cali cooties! i think tomorrow the hubby is going to take the day off so i can take the grandma on a tour of san fran. hopefully.

speaking of the hubby, it looks like he's finally going to korea. LAME! he's scheduled to leave this saturday. we'll see how that ends up...

anywho, head swimming. must. go. lay. down.

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