5-20-2012 solar eclipse

Did you catch the eclipse a little over a week ago? Living on the west coast, we got a great view. Well, as great as you can get when you're literally staring at the sun (not recommended btw)...

 We try to get out of the house fairly often, but it always ends up being such a big ordeal that i dont get the chance to goof around with my camera. This was not the case on the day of the eclipse. We were right out side our front door to enjoy the event and things were kept simple!

The trees around our house creating super neat little apertures and cast neat shadows onto our home.

The best part was to share the science behind the eclipse and how rare/special of an event it was to witness with the boy. Its no big secret that we're pretty well all giant nerds in our house and I think its a great thing to pass along to the wee ones.

then there was general silliness. Its just how things work around here...

And now for a real photo of the eclipse. I couldn't get a good one so photo credit goes to Nancy! ... 



my challenges in may2012!

Hey All! Looks like its challenge time over at The Sampler's blog! Not only is there a sketch challenge but a card challenge as well!  I love how this sketch translated for me, BUT not how the photo came out! UGH! This past week I was having a bad week for machines around the house. From issues with cameras and laptops to even my car making a funny noise. It was quite the week.. Moral of the story is, pretend the picture is prettier and head over to The Sampler's blog for inspiration and your chance at some amazing goodies!

Anywho, one last tid bit from the sampler, a SNEAK PEAK of the June2012 Kit! The full kit reveal will show up later this week, but i am smitten with this kit and cannot wait to share!!

In other news, I've been working on making more manageable goals and to do lists for myself. My to do lists always seem to challenge me. BUT, with a wee one and a not so wee one, there are a lot of things I would love to accomplish but never seem organized enough... and this is where I am challenging myself. One project per day instead of a blanket and overwhelming list of close to a billion things to do... i started the experiment  just as husband went out of town again, (boooooooooooooo) but I have to say that most days I was successful with completing my 1 thing and even got a few smaller things off the list. This week, I have big plans to work on my photo shopping and weed the wine barrel planters in the back yard (among other things). 

Here's to a successful week! 


i want to make something...

well, husband is officially home for some unknown amount of time. YAY! SOOOOO.... there is the possibility of actually making something... today was all about doing laundry. making beds, washing dishes, setting the robot on the floors, putting away legos, cleaning bathrooms, fussing in the backyard, etc. tomorrow is for errands. FRIDAY. FRIDAY is for making! here's hoping to an enjoyable thursday and a lengthy friday!



first things first, i have a winner to announce from The Sampler's April Blog Hop! Heather P gets my sample of the sampler! winners from the remainder of the hop and the GRAND PRIZE winners will be announced this coming monday on The Sampler's Blog!

in other news, i kinda lost my mind today. after coping with a cold all week, i thought it wise to go a 2 mile hike with a class full of kindergarteners whilst wearing squish. good times were had by all. it was very enjoyable and a beautiful walk... my sore tootsies are so worth the good time we had!

hope everyone has a lovely weekend! i plan to get some rest! 


hard on for headbands

with a husband out of town, two kids to take care of, trying to cook for husband's grandma who has been having health issues, and nevermind dishes, dinners and laundry that just don't do themselves... i've been limited to quick small crafts lately. after finally putting squish in one of those dorky headbands for little ladies that i loathed and sworn i would never use... here i am making them.... last night's crafting was a little over the top, but sickeningly sweet at the same time. 

after stocking up on elastics and alligator clips, i raided the ribbon, fabric and flower stashes so i can sit with a basket of goodies and make little things for the little lady. then we have modeling sessions while she sleeps... poor baby... tehehe.

in other news, The Sampler's MAY2012 Kit is available and just wonderful. I hope to play with it a little later on today. I adore working from those kits especially with baby. I can be near her and easily grab a completely coordinated bag of goodies and just get going! love it!

SIDE NOTE: don't forget to participate in The Sampler's April Blog Hop before comments close on friday! loads of amazing goodies to giveaway! 



may2012 from TheSampler: TWO SCOOPS

This month's kit is full of bright, cheery colors and lots of yummy little things... just like an ice cream shop! As always there are amazing papers and embellishments including a few DIY inspirations for alphabets! So many possibilities in a not so small package! Snag yours today for as low as $29.99! That's over 25% off retail price! This kit is definitely something you do not want to miss out on!  

Also, don't forget to check out last month's blog hop! Comments are open through Friday, so get hopping for your chance to win some amazing prizes!!! 



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