a boy and his portzel

the boogerbear enjoying his very first and very own portzel (aka. soft pretzel from pizza port)

Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale's vagina.

We got back from San Diego last night. We can most definitely claim we had a good time. Our activities included but were not limited to:

the Del Mar Fair {a day filled with fried food, animal smells, and fun}

the San Diego Zoo {5 hours of baby backpacking, animal sniffing, and walking entertainment}

the Del Mar Dog Beach {toddlers at the beach are something to be careful about}

Stone Brewery {my new favorite brewery just out of principle! Yes, I said principle as I made reference to a beer.}

All in all the trip was fun, but not so much a “vacation”. The next vacation we will be having will either include leaving the boogerbear with a grandma or the boogerbear being 30…


just because...

i havent updated with something crafty in a while, here is my first "traditional" hand embroidery.

it is done on a back pack that i've had for i don't know how long, but i have been making use of it lately for the boogerbear. as for now i stopped with the single embroidery, but i have a ton of patches just laying around. glaring at me. waiting for me to do something remotely creative. meh. who cares what they think!

anywho, i hope to have more to display soon! lately birthdays, holidays, new jobs, vacations, etc... have been cluttering the wasteland that we call my brain. hopefully i can get that straightened up...


today Ben finally figured out when his last day at his current job would be. SO, that means I know what I can plan for a quickie vacation before he starts his shiney, new job. It seems like we will be headed down to San Diego to visit some old friends and old haunts. I cant wait for pizza port and tony's!!! YUM-O!

anywho, time to think about making dinner... i totally have a mental food block lately. i've been thinking about how we eat and why its not the best. i'm fairly interested in going vegetarian for a while. actually, it wouldnt be that big of a change for me, but it would be for ben. we'll see.


third time is the charm...

so, i bleached my hair today.

then i dyed it red.

i mean red.
i'm not sure if this is the color for me. i'll give it until tomorrow....

nighty, night.

so, i was thinking

am i a Mac user? would having a Mac in the house add a beneficial layer of diversity to our computing? would i want a black or a white MacBook? how fast would i loose that little remote to the MacBook? Why does this photo exemplify california to me?

stupid laptop

so my laptop is offcially dead as far as i'm concerned. its only a year and a half old and it WAS top of the line when i bought it. i just expected it to last longer. the resident techie says its more than likely the motherboard which is way expensive and actually really hard to find. SO, its dead to me. I figure it will be replaced eventually with something not so fancy. it was a nice laptop, but way more than i need. (i bought it for playing MMORPGS. aka. online video games. yea, i was one of those types... kinda) since i no long have the time or interest in playing video games with 12 year olds, i figure something that can handle websurfing, blogging and photo editing is all i need. i'll just add it to the list...

anywho, good news is that ben managed to get all (i think) of the data off of the laptop's harddrive. now its just a matter of getting him to show me how to access the harddrive he loaded the data onto and transferring it to his desktop which i now stake claim of!!!

well, i best scoot. i have lots and lots of cleaning to do. hooray. poop.


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