oh noes! not another "are you flippin kidding me?!?" post!

yes its that time again. my poor blog has been ultra dramatic lately. i think i should change it to pink and glittery and add the word "diva" somewhere within its title.

so, this time, its my good buddy Erican. (you guys remember her, right? the one who didnt congratulate me when i got married. didnt attend the baby shower hosted for me in houston much less volunteer to host her "best" friend's baby shower for her. the one who didnt even think of congratulating us when the boogerbear was born much less actually do something to show that she was happy for our new family. the one who i turned the other cheek and bent over backwards for her wedding/bachelorette party/bridal shower and spent a ton of $$$ on to make sure she was happy and didnt even get a thank you. the one who i declared "fogiven and forgotten" in my book because i thought at this point in her life she might be a differnt person. yea, that one...)

well, she's knocked up, we've spoken of this before, and i decided to go ahead and host a shower for her. i asked around to some of her "close" friends and got little to no response from them. ok. so i have one friend helping me out. i've kinda taken the reigns (because thats what i do) and i'm comfortable with that right now. so for the past couple days i've been getting emails from erican. i asked her to get me a guest list from her mother, her hubby's mother, and herself and also that she might want to get started researching those registries (we all know how lame baby stuff can be. especially when you buy one thing. hate it. and buy another.0 i get an email back from her TELLING ME "you know there are going to be boys at this thing, right?" um. no. but ok. if you really want them there at your baby shower, but, most guys, arent into and dont get the whole baby shower thing. ok. no big deal. boys. i'm hip. i can deal. i can force them to submit to my will or they DIEEEEE! yea. anywho so i get another email today TELLING ME "so you know this is going to be held at the hall where i got married, right?" um. no. how in the hell am i supposed to know that?!?!?! i'm planning (and paying for) this whole thing and where does my input come in? i dont know.

so, basically she wants a big party. not a baby shower. fine. she can do that. i volunteered to host a baby shower for her. i did reply to her email (why dont people call one another for these kinds of things, i'll never really understand) and i did reply with a lot less pussyfooting than i usually do with her. her email basically said that i didnt have to do everything for the shower, she was planning on having one big shower rather than several little ones, and that they are planning on inviting a "lot" of people. my email was this:

"right. i was expecting to send out a lot of invites and have a good
number of people show up, but, with us hosting the party, we make
those decisions (with the mother's wishes in mind) and things have
already been started.

if you want to do a large party, you're more than welcome to. doing a
baby shower for a friend, in my eyes, is a tradition that is there to
celebrate the mother and her soon-to-be babies and help them prepare
for the transition in a fun way and thats what we're trying to plan.
as for multiple showers, if someone else wants to throw a shower for
you, then either have them contact me or amanda and we will get them
involved in the shower we're planning for nov24th or let them host
another shower for you. a work shower, for instance, is perfectly

i'm ok with some males being there. i had ben go to mine and i did
invite 3 or 4 other males that were important to me. things like that
are great if there are men who want to be so involved in baby things.
but, in most cases, males just dont get the whole baby shower thing.
they dont want to play shower games. they dont want to eat girl food
and drink punch. they dont want to oooo and ahh of the cute little
stuffed animals and outfits give to you. i do understand that some
guys (like Chris, your brothers, and your dad, etc..) have a special
interest in you and whats about to happen, so i comepletely get
wanting and having them there. if chris wants a party/"shower" for
himself, then maybe one of his guy buddies should throw a man shower
than can be more geared to that crowd.

what kind of plans have you made? i feel like i told you that i was
trying to get a shower together for you and you're telling me that its
going to be different that what i can accomplish. first of all, i want
to make this special. i want to get the food and the decorations and
the gifts just right. i cant do that in a hall. i cant do that if our
guest list bloats to 60+ people because we've decided that we need all
the boys in your life and every other female guest's there too.
second, this is a present to you. a shower is a time that your and
chris's immediate family and your close friends get to spend time with
you, have a good time with you, and celebrate you. with so many
people, that just doesnt seem possible.

if there is something that's driving your decisions on this matter,
please tell me. i dont know that i'm missing something or if our
expectations of a baby shower are just that different."

the one thing i left out was in response to me not having to do everything for the shower. i just didnt think it was polite to tell her that i didnt see anyone else bending over backwards making her "special day" everything it should be.

anywho, thats what's currently preventing me from thinking of anything else. for which, i am kind of grateful. i'll post more about that later tonight... poop.

if nothing else, this has keep my blog lively this weekend. i think i will force the husband to take a walk down to the park with me and the boogerbear before it gets dark!!!!


Erin Bradley said...

Holy crap!
I havent checked the blogs in awhile and OMG! I am so sorry about what happened.

So many questions come into my head. Call me when you get a chance honey!!!!!!

Kelly said...

HOLY shit what happened to your blog?! LOL

Sucks about your stepdad... I hope everyone is ok as they can be at this point. I will be thinking of your mom... ugh.

And I called you back the other day when I got your voicemail! I hope you found some of the websites :D

hollystar said...

ha! my sentiments EXACTLY!

everything is going as well as it can be. i'll elaborate me in another post.

i did get your msg and i was checking out dafont.com when i get a spare minute or two and i'm not distracted. there are some really neat free fonts there! ty!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) look at that emo boy hair over this blog:


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