aquarium v. crap i'm pooped!

we went to the monterrey bay aquarium today. the boy ran NON STOP. i dont know how he actually saw anything.

but he did. and pressed every button he could find. a membership to this place is definitely in our immediate future.

the boy's email btw. feel free to send him some spam...

anywho, tired. big day. and big week coming up. we're headed to houston at the end of the week (well, the boy, the poodle and me at least. husband not so much) and so much to do before then. never mind actually packing, but there is cleaning, kit club preparations, shipping stuffs out... all kinds of junk. big week. but for now i will watch some reruns of kimora, life in the fast lane and enjoy a nice herbal tea.



i figured it out....

the key to completing a to do list, is to not make one.

today i was around the house and felt like there was so many things to do, but my brain couldn't focus on any of them. BUT, all was not lost. I somehow coaxed myself into staying at my desk and cleaning. not really something i had at the top of the list, but when inspiration strikes... i got my drawers labeled and tidied up so i can actually find/use all of the things i've been hording for the past year. so here is my very ugly drawer collection. plastic bins. yuck. BUT, find me a prettier solution that is the exact same and i'm in. i really need a 3rd stack of these drawers to help me with the kits but that can wait a wee bit longer.

i love using name tag badges to label boxes and drawers. the 1st time i labeled these drawers i used a green (super hard to find. dont ask me why i know that) "Hello! my name is" badge that i LOVE LOVE LOVED. the red on these is a little on the coral side. pretty. doesnt have as much character.

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once i got "done" cleaning (never never never done apparently) i made the August ATC make & take for the Technique ATC Series at Memories Live On. Love doing these things. So many techniques in such a short time. gives me at least one class a month to look forward to doing with anyone who stops by. This ATC will be this friday (august 20, 2010) 6-9pm. first come first serve (no sign up necessary) and, best of all, ITS FREE! good times!

anywho, i think i will try to make a few cards tonight. lots of birthdays coming up. need to get ready. have a terrific thursday.



not bad for a monday.

i started my day off in a super way. i really dont buy a lot of paper crafting product for myself lately. lets just say i have more than enough to keep me goin. BUT, a few weeks back pink paislee had a super deal where they were stuffing medium flat rate boxes to the brim with their product for $40. I got mine today. i couldn't tell you the exact retail value of my new goodies, BUT its a heck of a lot more than $40. i'm a little pink paislee deprived here in the bay area so this will most definitely be a sale i take advantage of next year again! the only think i wish i would have seen in this box that i didnt receive are the fabric ruffles they released at winter CHA. love those things!

i think the 1st project i'm going to make using some of my new goodies is a flower journal. i tried to blog my weekly flowers a while back but fell behind on my photos and never shared the living lovelies. BUT, i do have photos and no idea how to use them. bam! flower journal. cant wait to get my prints and get to work. i think its going to be a hybrid photo album -slash- weekly log. kinda a recap of the live we lived with those flowers in the house. neat, no?

tonight i made the beef bourguignon i was talking about yesterday was it, i think. i used this beaujolais. such a good wine. i think we have another bottle. not sure how long i should horde it. anywho, i think i'm going to cut some paper and sww that i have in me tonight. hope everyone is having a super week so far!


ps. every poodle should wear t-shirts.

ready, set, slow down....

This week has been clearly grossly jammed packed. We managed to get through it and tomorrow i have big plans of tidying up around the house, harassing the costco wireless guys about 2 driod Xs and cooking Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon. thats it. ok maybe not it, but close. i managed a small pile of great poloroids taken today at a birthday party and its going to make an adorable layout. still infatuated with that camera. it looks like sometihng that belongs on some super mod spaceship like the one in A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Love looking through the view finder.

i haven't had any time to make anything in the past couple days. ok, anything that wasn't the massive make & take i did on saturday. so i'm looking forward to getting back to my desk and getting some work done. have a few more new ribbons from May Arts that I stashed to play with at a later date. not to mention the ones i have set aside for The Sampler. Really thinking i should do some sneak peaks. I never thought i would be so into a kit club, but i love it. helping others create is all i really want out of this experience and i really feel like that's exactly what we're doing after speaking to so many new and old club members. that and i love making little piles of things. i feel rewarded.

i also feel sleepy. i think its time to hit the sheets. hope everyone has a great monday (i know...) and a fantastic week!



weekend? what is that?

it seems like down time is in super rare supply lately. a good thing, but its really making me wish for more hours in the day. this weekend (ie. today from 12-3) i'm doing the make & take i did at the santa clara scrapbook expo at Memories Live On. We wanted to make sure all the locals got a chance to make this super fab make&take. (if you're in the area, check out www.memoriesliveon.com for images and call to reserve a spot!)

I'm hoping for some time tomorrow to get my scrapbook space back into some kind of order. as usual, i'm on the constant prowl for the perfect organization. it exists, i know it does. where? how? i have no real idea. but putting away and purging a little will make my space happier for now.

The august kit is up now! only one or two left... maybe... yea, i need to do a final count as everyone comes and picks theirs up. needless to day, The Sampler was a huge hit at the expo and we made a lot of new crafty friends.

anywho, hope everyone's weekends are rockin! i'm going to wander off and stick some things to some other things. maybe it will be cute.



i {heart} Poloroid

i'm so excited to see Polaroid style cameras back on the market. I snagged a fujifilm 7s off amazon and a load of film and i'm super stoked. the size format is a little smaller than the old school poloroid (2x3") but sooooo stinkin cute. i can totally see some ATC made with these and can cram a day's worth of photos on a single layout. cute.

we got a bunch of new ribbons in the store and i just had to play. check out my latest post at the crop spot if you get a bit! and look at that crochet detail!!! AND THATS THE BACK!!! not so give too much away, but this ribbon comes in a beautiful olive and looks stunning with pieces from The Sampler's November kit.

cropping tonight at memories live on. kinda wish i had the energy to make it up to scrapbook territory, but no such luck. maybe another time. i have a huge list of things to do including planning some make & takes for the next few weeks and through the holidays. loving some of the new hero arts and memory box holiday stamps. who am i kidding, i love fall, winter and all the crafts that go with it!!! :)



i'm pooped!

but all i want to do is play! Today was day 1 of the Santa Clara Scrapbook Expo and i did make & takes pretty well the whole day. my throat is killing me. my head feels like it wants to explode. i'm stiff all over. but i spent all day talking to and creating with so many many many amazing women! awesome day! another round of make & takes tomorrow then some super fun times with the boys on sunday. looks like a trip to SF to hang out and dinner with some of husbands friends. good times.


hope everyone is off to a rockin weekend!
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i've had a cold all week long. so sick of being sick. and there is so much to do. the Santa Clara scrapbook expo is coming up and that means its time to get to work. The Sampler is going to be there doing some great giveaways and make & takes. at least i have been home to organize, but thats not helping me get the displays ready. with any hope, this week things will all fit together and crap will get done.

speaking of displays and fitting together, today i hit joann's for 20 yards of muslin for the display and wandered past their paper crafting section because thats what we do and i found these basic grey sizzix dies and embossing sets. omg i'm so ready for christmas and holiday cards now. and mini albums. omg. i couldnt help myself. you know what made it "worse"? 40% off. grrr. some of these things need to be more difficult to resist. i will have to p ost photos later because they're apparently new or obscure enough that they dont exist really on the internet yet. shocking, i know. but trust me, they are lovely and if you have some cash burning a hole in your wallet, ideas of easy but grand holiday cards and a joann's near you, GOGOGOGOGOGO!

i think im going to go play and work on that work stuff a while. have a super sunday!

sunshine&bunnies, holly*

ps. i think i'm in love with indie girl. too many loves.


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