my son FORKS his cheerios!


he thinks he's so cute and, dangit, he's right.

oh well, it sleeps now.


Kirbs said...

For some reason, I can't see the top two pics (it may be that my comp at work is the brand GHE-TTO), but I love the booty in the air pic. Too cute!

Jo said...

OMG!!! I love him! What a wonderful little boy... and that shirt... I still live with my parents... where did you get that? I must get one for Lacy!

hollystar said...

omg! the 1st two are way better than the 3rd. well at least the sh*t eating grin from the 2nd photo is better than the air booty.

as for the shirt, its a target find. in the infant/toddler boys section. it does go up to 4T i think and its only 8bucks!


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