i help the boogerbear build a lego tower taller than himself.


what holiday are you celebrating?

well, its almost october. you know what that means. all the stores are busy setting up their christmas displays. me, on the other hand? i still value halloween and the moons between now and thanksgiving. in the past few days i've started pulling out fall and halloween decorations. how neat are those owls? i forgot all about them since last year. i absolutely love going through my boxes of decorations. its like opening long lost, forgotten gifts you bought for yourself. it also doesnt help my memory when i buy stuff after the holiday for dirt cheap and dont actually put it out that year. this was the case of the owls not last halloween, but the halloween before.


open rant post.

ok. i have a rant, but i want everyone else feel like they can bitch and moan too. so, please, feel free to complain about everything and anything you want (guilt free) in the comments. go on, you know you want to.

MY RANT: ok, so i've been trying to stay off my laptop. i've been trying to get crap done. i've been mostly successful (posts to come) so today i thought i would catch up on some blogs with my morning coffee. the thing is, its going to be a two pot morning because i have over 400 updates on my reader. srsly? what the fuck are you people blogging about? no, i'm not serious. i'm glad that y'all are out there, sharing with everyone. i look forward to reading everything, but i just dont feel like all my reads will be getting the attention they deserve. hopefully this boom in posts is something i can adapt to or you people crawl back into your holes and get busy with other junk again!!! :)

my other rant: i hate effing outlook. somehow the boogerbear manages to make mine go all wonky with random button smashing when he's momentarily left alone in near vacinty of my laptop. i dont want to troubleshoot it right now, so i'm currently checking my email via my archived emails on the gmail server because outlook keeps pulling my emails off the server (i have it set to save a copy on the server JUST IN CASE) and hiding them somewhere in never, never outlook land. *sigh*

/end rant.


tasty tuesday (version: another blogroll update!)

oh how the list has grown. here are even more links of my favorite blogs from my reader and even some new one's i've stumbled into since the last blogroll post!

flowers, freestyle, scissors, & MEXX! i love everything that this SIS makes not to mention the little boy that she made is entirely too cute!!! not to mention she can pull of the microbangs i always wanted...

jodi the girl. a crafter, who i've enjoyed reading very much.

little mrs. not afraid to use it herself. she says things that even make me blush sometimes and thats tough! geez. i cant believe i didnt put her up sooner!!!

sukeydookiedoo jumped on the blog wagon and i'm personally very glad she did.

somewhere over the rainbow. a lovely papercrafter who happens to have a little attitude. remind you of anyone?

A little birdie told Lisa Wharton some pretty rad things to get her to pump out some of the fab art that she does.


you dont say?

You Belong in 1950

You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

i'm a bad bloger.

oh wells.

i'm pretty pooped these days. trying to sew and get other projects organized and out the door. oh and that whole parenting thing. how easily i forget. or not. anywho, i'm slowly chipping away at the to do list and definately feeling less over whelmed by it. this coming week i still have plenty of lofty goals including starting a daily "preschool activity" with the boogerbear. think a daily color/shape/letter/number/trig equation/days of the week. some of these things he knows (i.e. the color purple), but its also about re-enforcing them in a structure manner such as grouping the colors then moving onto shapes then letters. monday we do the color red. we're going to eat strawberries, red jello, and tomato soup. we will put red feathers onto a red foam birdie that i have pre cut out of fun foam. we will add the red fun foam "scoop of ice cream" on top of the fun foam "cone" which will eventually create a high stack of ice cream as we work our way through the colors. i have a few other things up my sleeve, but its 2:30am and i'm in no mood to regurgitate my lesson plans to the internets. or use spell check for that matter.

ok, so its bed time. i hope to take photos of the things i've been working on for etsy and myself tomorrow. we will see. g'nights.

i really love the deftones song on my play list. full of very awesome memories and some how relaxes me. love it.


its a start.

so, today is day number one. its no grand opening. (in time, my sweets. in time.) today i started putting stuff up in my etsy shop. i still have loads to put up, but after my first posting the etsy webserver crapped out on me. hopefully i will get more up in the next couple days. but, you know, i like to tease and thought maybe someone would like to purchase that first listing RIGHT NOW! come on. you know you need that bag! just do it!!!!



ok. i love tattoo styled stuff. LOVE. i dont know why i didnt think of it before, but there are loads of pin up/tattoo rubber stamps out there. i found this site: bombshell stamps. i adore everything they have and its all more than reasonably priced. i placed a small order. (yea, i'm trying to simplify, not add even more stuff to my already bloated crafting stash. pfft.) look how neat! they even stamped the envelope! i love those little touches. it makes me not what to toss the evelope. meh. i cant wait to get those badboys mounted and start tatting up the boogerbear. oh yea, that little ink pad is skin safe and i fully plan on making my kid the most inked child on the block. ok, maybe not, but i'm sure he will ended up with a pin up on his fore arm for shits and giggles.

carry on.


so i got two of these gourd style lamps from target on clerance a couple years ago when we first moved into this house. they were pretty, the bases (a pale, crackled green) matched the walls i was painting, and they were like 7 bucks a pop, but they were also dull. after getting some navy blue lace from discount fabrics for practically nothing, i got out ye olde mod podge and went to town. i didnt photo the set, but only the one on my night stand. i'm happy with them. they add a bit more personality to a still struggling bedroom. i have a great photo collage idea, but now i need to collect frames with a silver finish. i have about a dozen, but i think i need a dozen or so more. in due time.

carry on.


25 years...

i've never really done a page about me. i dont think this page is really completed, but its a good start. i do have to admit i had a good time using a handful of the "little pieces" i've been holding onto for god only knows how long and some of my favorites from sassafrass lass.


tasty tuesday (version: good friend. super cool blog. yummy giveaway.)

so this week is all about my friend Kelly from Mommy & the Marine who has started up a new blog with a friend of her's. Your Goodies Galore! they just launched a few weeks ago, but have already found a baby blanket and wrap that i consider a must for out next child as well as some super cute etsy finds. i love me some etsy. speaking of, they are already hosting a sponsored give away from inkspot workshop which i find highly appealing. check these guys out!

so, go check out your goodies galore to enter the super nifty giveaway they have running through sept 19th!

happy tasty tuesday!


i demand a scotts valley target!!!

so almost a year ago the big box store target submited an application to build a target store a very short distance from my home. the town i live in is mostly small and quaint, but desperately in need of this additional modern convience. i know. we're supposed to be the hippy, crunchy type, but target isnt all that bad. its not as bad as kmart which we've had in town since the dawn of time. has anyone been in kmart lately? no, i didnt think so. mostly because a majority of the landlocked kmarts have been closed in the past decade and, oh yea, THEY BLOW! target, in their own huge corperation way, does their part to be "eco-friendly" and i think that should could a little for those tree-huggers out there.

the biggest opposition seems to be that it will increase the traffic to our area, but i dont hear anyone raise a big stink every summer when the "valleys" (aka. residents from san jose/bay area) herd themselves over our hill and reak havoc on our little towns yet bringing in those tourist dollars. effing tourist. but thats a whole other can of worms.

if the residents of scotts valley are going to worry about anything from this proposed store, then they should worry about the developers asking for tax breaks. what i mean by that is that this project being subsidized to build here. this is what is going to impact the "local" business negatively as target can typically offer lower prices than the local business and didnt even have to pay into the community to build but instead takes from the tax payers. i dont know that this is how target opperates. in fact, i have no reason to believe that this is a practice target partakes in. (its a walmart thing.) BUT, i'm also not seeing anything being documented about the circumstances of the target coming into our community.

regardless of that, lets say the target is built. i see myself going to target for things like trash bags and storage units and still going to Zinnia's for the cute little gift i need. so, what was that about local business? i know i'm not every resident, but i think that our family unit does represent a considerable chunk of the scotts valley demographic. i could be wrong. i havent done a lot of research on that. i just know where the (yes, the) sex offender lives.

what brings this up? well i need to go to target today. i have a list (giant blue storage containers, those suckers that make colds more bearable...) but i dont want to take the 30min-ish drive to get there. on the upside, the target in watsonville is next to super tacoria. its SUPER! so, veggie burritos for dinner tonight.

anyone have any experience of a big box store coming into a small town? am i completely wrong in my feelings about this? what came first, the chicken or the egg? please share.


the lord of the dancey dance.

clickie for more gabba-esque vides.


the hidden villa

a week ago we went to birthday party for a dear friend of the boogerbear's at the hidden villa in los altos. google it. here are some photos of the event.

so, now that we have learned of the boogerbear's love for chasing chickens, what does everyone think of the new noise i have attached to the blog? annoying or foot tapping fun?!


tasty tuesday! (lots of clicks, but lots of love)

ok a partial a new and improved blogroll and why:

isley's on parade. LOVE THIS LADY! a mom who has gone through the trials and tribulations of adopting and mothering a very sweet little girl with CCHS. i learn a lot from this lady and definately consider her a friend.

LessonsInMOTHERHOOD. by far one of my favorite mommies.

Mommy and the Marine. a good buddy from my high school years. she is a brillant photographer, does a bit of digi scrap, and a mommy who shares very similar worries and fears as myself except she's not afraid to fess up to them.

Mommy'sCupboard. once upon a time a food blog for us moms. slow to post, but we're moms! we're too busy to blog our dinners. for now...

OffShoreWife'sLIFE. a lovely lady who crafts and decorates and cooks and amuses me with her beautiful pictures.

red velvet girls. fun. fresh. funky. right up my alley. they make neat-o kits too!

the green frog studio. an incrediable french scrapbooker. definately an inspiration packed blog!

it's a small small world. always something creative up this one's sleeve.

a free man. one of the few of the blogs i read that is written by a male. lots of good baby shots and awesome music downloads.

sassy sasha. wonderful scrap blog and wonderful crafter!

a beautiful mess. plays well with paper. adorable etsy.

a girl named kent. shops at japanese dollar store and makes fun things!

amy tangerine. makes neat shirts.

and so, create. very cute scrapper.

hey jen renee. i just started reading this crafter's blog, but i am already in love!

next tuesday there is another possible update to the blogroll in this fashion. i have a ton of feeds that i follow and love them all so much, but its quite a task to turn my feeds into links on this blog. please click on these links. every single blog that is and will be on my blogroll is well worth the click. show these people some love!

haircut update!

the before:

ok, its gone. the hair i mean. and has been for a few days.




i like it. its easy but not too boring. next time i need a cut though, i still want the angle on the sides steeper and the back (at the top) shorter.

there, ya happy?
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