{6&7 of 344} and some stuff!

small things:
~people who understand that you dont always have to "reply to all"
~people who read and follow direction.
~whatever yarn kristina gave me. she told me it was like butter and it is. love it! need to ask what it is.
~a super warm sun on a crisp day
~treats like icecream after a dr's appointment

so, i've been keeping busy. no photos atm, but soon. a few layouts for memories live on as well as a couple mini albums and a handful of all occassion cards. i'm finally getting all of the ATC swaps i signed up for done and sent. i think i'm going to lay off the swaps like this for a while. too much other crafting i need to get accomplished. i'm ready to start sewing again. i ment to get some of the purses i have already cut put together this past weekend, but it ended up being a really busy weekend. maybe this weekend coming. maybe not. this past friday i actually got to do some scrapbooking in MY OWN scrapbooks. pretty awesome. i got 4 single page LOs done and 2, 2-page layouts done in an evening. well, mostly. a couple of them are still missing something. maybe i will work on those when we get back from the pediatrician this afternoon.

so, yea, taking the boogerbear to the doctor this afternoon. he has a rash/infection near his mouth. we tried the muprocin for a few days and it doesnt seem to be going away. i'm hoping its just a rash and not a staph infection which he was prone to as a little baby. even if it is staph, hopefully the doc can give some oral antibiotics and that will clear it up. we've never had to do that before (the oral antibiotics) but i dont want something like this to spread and yucky stuffs.

well, its about time to get the boy ready actually. i can get the dishes done and run the dishwasher while i'm gone i bet before i leave. note to self: DONT FORGET THE POST OFFICE TODAY!!!

sunshine and bunnies,


{5 of 344}

small thing:

~a full class!!!

thanks to the ladies who bought kits and/or took today's class! i had a blast and LOVED everyone's albums!!!!


{4 of 344}


~actually getting work done and it not feeling like work at all.

~every peice of laungry in the house clean, folded and put away.

~every dish in the house clean, not broken and put away.

~a weekend to sew.

~a new episode of ugly betty.

~an almost ripe, but not quiet banana.


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small things:
~paddywax candles
~having time to sit and catch up on blogs with a lovely cup of coffee.
~loosing 3lbs this week.
~finishing the very last christmas gift and mailing it out (yes. last christmas...)


{2 out of 344}

today's small things:
~finding kittyhell.com and seeing this posted:

~seeing the look on a woman's face as she received a gift at a bus station
~laughing some tool wearing a sign that read "obama is in office, show your tits"
~appropriate nap times
~a husband who will print things at work for me so i dont have to set up the printer.


grace in small things {1 out of 344}

today i decided to start the 365, grace in small things. well, mine will be 344.

its too easy to overlook things and there are a lot of little things that need recognition.


~a dreary day after unseasonably warm and sunny weather.

~my new tool bag in the mail and arriving today. and just now hearing the UPS truck.

~afternoon cat naps after staying up too late at night.

~bright bloomed rosees on the table.


get shit done LIKE A ROCKSTAR!

today has been a super busy day. just stuff around the house, but getting so much done. its all of those little things that pile up. i got the christmas wrapping stuff (boxes and bows) organized and ready to be stored for another year, laundry is rolling, pictures in the frames i bought recently, things hung that were christmas gifts, table cleared so i can keep creating with the boy in sight, worked on instructions for my february class so i can get that in the store and posted, muffins made from some apples that were getting to the end of their life, valentines stuff organized so i can make them and get some mailed, blogs read, drooled over this!!! so many little things. and i think i can attribute it all to this:

i cant exactly tell you what it taste like. something familiar. but i cant quite put my finger on it. its not bad though. anywho, just saying hi! hope everyone is having a great day!!!!

sunshine and bunnines,


january class update!

ok, i'm better now.

SO, a couple posts ago, i posted about that unBEARably cute album. i completely spaced and didnt even include any information for the class!

so, you can gather details over at memories live on or

Date: Sunday, January 25th, 2008
Time: 2-4pm
Fee: $25 (SUPER cheap for a jam packed album!!!)

also, if you cant make the class, the friendly folks over at memories live on might just be able to get a kit to you! just give them a call at (408) 446-9901!!!

sunshine and bunnies,

i bought myself a new tool tote today!

well, i ordered it. i'm tote-ally sick of my tote ally (not) cool tote. today i was buying a rake at the local hardware store and i stumbled into the tool box isle. you never know where you're going to find inspiration. well, i was inspired. i came home and browsed the internet until i fell in love with the possibilities of this guy! so many pockets. so much space. i can carry my tape gun. and my paper trimmer... and my cropadile... and 11 pairs of scissors.... and 14 glue sticks... and 9 small dogs... and 22 staplers... my entire collection of ink pads... 10 different sized acrylic blocks...

*voice trails and holly* wanders off into the sunset with her new tool caddy*


its beary nice to see you!

hi you guys!!!

things are finally back on track after the holidays. i even have the holiday out of the house and have been thinking about nothing but spring. the weather around these parts is really making it easy to do that though. its been in the 70s since this weekend and i swear i have not seen a single cloud. winter? no. nice? YES!!!

speaking of spring, i have been working on projects for memories live on and i'm super stoked about the upcoming classes.

january's class goes like this:

i'm also about ready to unveal february's class project which is going to be an album in a tin and its even more adorable! think twitterpated!!!

ok, be back soon with more stuffs!!!

photo borrowed from: jane @ http://whoopsiedaisy-jane.blogspot.com/ (go check her out! she rocks!)


little devil


i submitted to bombshell stamps for their DT. i wanted to have at least one project that featured their stamps, so i made this one. i might add a little more to it, but its cute. the photo is just after the boogerbear yoinked his cousin's juice box. its ok, his cousin yoinked the booger's juice box before that...
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do you like beer?

we like beer. this was our "garage" fridge at the beginging of this past week. husband had the week off. its a little less full now...

on a hunt...

...for mentos.

not just any mentos, but the kind of mentos i cant get my hands on short of getting on a plane. last time husband was in asia he brought me back some candies. i love japanese candy, but what i was most excited about were the mentos flavors. ume (plum), bananas and cream, and grapefruit. they were super! i really enjoy mentos. strange. but i do. more so, i enjoy the asian flavors and want MORE! strawberries & cream and grape (my favorite in japanese gummy candy!) also sound good. in my search i noticed that the netherlands (past mentos testing grounds) have a bunch of flavors that are unknown to my pallet as well. cola, pineapple, red apple, currant, watermelon, spearmint (i may have seen this in the US. i forget, but i loves me some spearmint), peach, strawberry yogurt, lemon yogurt, and the list goes on!

i hunt for these flavors. i havent found a mentos super source to buy a couple rolls of each, but i dont know how i can live with out tasting these little sugar bombs.

enough of the obsession. hope everyone is having a good weekend.

sunshine and bunnies,

ps. photo borrowed from http://www.typetive.com/candyblog


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