DEstress Friday Tutorial Up @ The Crop Spot!

Hey all! If you've known me for any stretch of time, you know I put together a (mostly) weekly make & take at Memories Live On which we've dubbed "DEstress Fridays" where we execute a project featuring all things distress. Starting this week we're going to transfer many of these projects to an online tutorial as well over at The Crop Spot and today is my 1st post!

Be sure to check it out and leave me some feed back if there are any distressing questions you have or tutorials you would like to see!



week mission accomplished? maybe next week...

not for the boy, but me. seem i have caught some sort of stomach bug and i'm loosing my grip on this week, which i dubbed "week mission accomplished". I had such big plans of things to to while the little man was at school and i had a solid 3 hours of doing crap he typically doesn't make easy for me. husband drove the 45minutes into work today... then, 20min later, the 45minutes home again so he could take the boy to school. i do not feel very reliable today..

well, i am still doing my best to be productive. just being very still and trying to eat a steady diet of saltines & Gatorade while doing so. i have managed to go through photos again and found a few gems i missed on my 1st run through for printing. there was also another photo order placed to costco. cell phone photos. i love printing those! i am also watching an episode of Martha Stewart, "The Istanbul Show". beautiful place. ugh. lots of food. not into that right now.

in time i hope to get working on some bridal shower decoration ideas i have and tutorials to match. some of it is just folding and stamping so i'm hoping at the very least i can manage that. i also have a tutorial to finish which i'll be doing weekly over at The Crop Spot.

In the spirit of being productive even when not feeling top notch (AND in honor of yall reading my pathetic whining), i have a giveaway (sponsored by The Sampler of course).

There is a basket full of goodies sitting with in cell phone photo distance from me right now and, when i recover, i will pick a winner at random to receive a few yummies from my goodie basket.. just leave a comment and keep your fingers crossed for me to have a speedy recovery.



things are changing...

This morning husband and i dropped off the boy at his very first day of kindergarten. ugh.

while waiting, i took a billion photos and tried to absorb every detail i could. including the trees. the boy's school is located on a little hill, surrounded by beautiful trees. and they're changing. its going to be amazing in the fall, but i thought this little change on these little leaves meant a lot. at least today.

in other news...

i crafted a suck up card (to go with the suck up gift... i mean... erm... suck up...) for the boy's teacher. my gut instinct is good about the teacher. hoping to talk to him once the boy's 1st day is over.

and i also took a ton of photos of the boy around the school. he kinda humored me... i mostly got silly smiles and some avoidance.

oh that boy...

anywho, working on the upcoming kits for The Sampler, the blog and tons of projects. Its nice to not be in the store so much so i can really focus on The Sampler. I know the efforts will show and, with any luck, appreciated.

Hope all the kiddos out there had good days at school whether its the 1st, 2nd, or ??? I'm going to get back to some crafting in the time i have before we pick up or big little man.



just a moment for some love

oh look, another quick layout!

i had a lot of fun making this one. it started with a series of photos of a good friend of mine and her son at the San Mateo Maker Faire. This friend loves chevron so that made picking the background a snap. then, we were actually traveling at the time, so i had bare minimal supplies and tools. i.e. no paper trimmer and only a few pieces of cardstock. over all i love how it came out and i really do think it shows a little bit of my friend and her great love of her son.



Oh Blogger.... why do you betray me!?!?

I had a handful of posts scheduled for this past week and here we are with not a single post posted. booooooooooooooooo....

well, to catch up and make good on the time i was hoping to spend with the blog, i do have a SLS reveal for the 1st!

The sketch for this month was great! so simple and so easy to work with! i got this layout out in a matter of minutes!

Be sure to check out the August1st Sketch and the other Sassies' inspirtation over at Sassy Lil' Sketches!



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