ATC Make & Take TONIGHT @ Memories Live On!

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i'll be in the store doing this bright and cheery ATC card from 6-9 and its FREE! Swing by if you're in the area and have a few minutes to kill!

sneak peaks!

not really too sneaky right now, but some little sneaks of june's sampler. i only have a couple extra kits this month (literally) so be sure to swing by the store if you're interested in one of these fabulous kits!!! (ps. already putting pieces together for july, august and sept) cant wait! so yummy.

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letting summer in

i know, i know. i cant think or talk about anything but summer. but really, i'm so ready right now. BUT, come august, i will literally be cursing summer and its effing heat. really. i apparently have a bi-polar relationship with central cal weather. ok. enough of that. i want to turn my front door into a dutch door.

and wouldnt it be cute if we put a mini door in for my mini me? yeah, no...

but i do love this latch. now to convince husband that its a super awesome idea to saw our front door in half, add some extra hardware and call it done. easier said than done. but he humors me. it appreciated.


sunny days

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I love this time of year. Its not hot but its BEAUTIFUL. normally. random rainy days BUT oh how the good ones are good. i mean GOOD! Its also a busy time of year. Lots of family functions, lots of work and, last but not least, with any luck lots of travel. texas here we come.

Today i did a good deal of housefrau-ing. Love the feeling of having everything in its place and a place for everything. so compulsive. watching julia and julia. came to write a blog post about it. lulz. as i send things into this giant void....

anywho, after dinner its back to my desk and back to work. so many samples i need to finish and so many new things to play with! Tomorrow is Maifest at the Tyrolean Inn in Felton, CA. If you're in the area and enjoy a good beer and/or german food, its not to be missed. i really couldn't think of anything more awesome than taking my father-in-law to Maifest for his birthday present. But this is coming from someone who would rather receive a thoughtful card than a thoughtless anything else. Maifest is also a fantastic photo op. lookin for some good shots of the boy. fingers crossed.



Congratulations Adrienne!

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the good ol' random number generator picked her post number in The Sampler's blog hop post! Please send me your mailing info so i can get your prize out to you asap!



piles and piles of canvas

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recently went to university art in san jose. great store. great selection of canvas. really eager to start putting some color on these guys.

also, the sampler has a few new design team members and we're gearing up for june. busy times. check out blogs:


i didnt complain too much, but my laptop died a while ago and i've been toiling over the purchase of a new one. finally bought an hp envy 1050 and it arrives TODAY! so excited. my old laptop was super underpowered and exceptionally frustrating. nevermind that i was splitting my work between my desktop at home and my laptop which i took to the store. cant wait to just use one machine and have that be the end of the story. no more "oh crap thats on my desktop. grrr" yah. good times.





amazon comes to the rescue again with a few books of inspiration for me this week. but, right now, i cant put down Walls Notebook. I need to limit myself to one wall a day. It seems to be bringing out my inner vandalist. watch out livingroom...

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just to change it up a bit...

I participated in a challenge and made something that wasnt a sample. i've been hording this paper and brads for freaking ever. love them. anywho, check out the challenge over at Butterfly Crafts!

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how the eef word am i out of glossy accents?

Seriously? anywho, i've been sick. stupid cold. but, its kept me in the house pretty much this whole week with the exceptions of quick trips to a local market that has had awesome beef & barley soup. just the right consistency to not make me barf snot. awesome, huh? thats why i said it.

so yah. working on some layouts and some make & takes. need to get my aresenal back up to snuff. also need to be working on my craft "resume". i've been thinking about applying for some other design teams as of late and *gasp* even submitting for publishing. maybe. idk.

the kit club is keeping me on my toes right now. wrapping up with our 1st design team and its about that time for a new team. the call is out and we have plenty of amazing crafters to start going through. i hate choosing.

anywho, i'm just around listening to these guys:

and in an over all mellow mood while i wait for the sound of my voice to come back and the sick to wander off. i cant wait. anywho..



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