too tired to read?

yup. i cant even pay attention to all of the blogs i've neglected while out of town. oh well, there is always tomorrow. husband returns tomorrow night as well. yay. back to "normal." tomorrow there will be more. photos, stories, information on how to join WHAM! (read through kirbie's comments if you cant wait to know what WHAM! is..) and much, much more!!!

tonight i sip hot chocolate from starbucks and watch dvr goodness. oh my, its good to be home.



tomorrow i brave the airport with the boogerbear and the poo all by myself and i'm dreading it like nothing else. i've flown with our son alone before, but never with the dog in tow as well. it should be interesting going through security, but, once we're past there (mostly thanks to seditives for the dog) we should be fine. i'm stoked to get to houston and see the new babies and hang out with my grandma. it also helps to pass the time that husband is out of town too. but, i'm not really excited about being away from home. it really is tough to live this far away from my family and so many of my friends. times like this i really wish we could just blow up nevada, arizona, colorado, new mexico, and whatever other states would prevent california and texas from being next to one another. while we're blowing up things, may as well get rid of west texas too. there really isnt anything there anyways.

so, par for the course when husband is gone, i have nothing to do. no dirty dishes that i havent already cleaned. no dirty clothes than i havent already washed. i've packed. i checked on bills & mail. i've arranged for airport rides (i think.) i've shipped baby gates to my mom (no, she didnt own any until now.) and i have nothing to do. well, i have nothing i want to get started. i guess i can play some MORE nintendo DS. that doesnt make a mess...

well, the boogerbear DEMANDS cookies, so i guess thats something to do. off i go. have a good 10days if i dont wander back here before then. i shall return with lots of photos, valentines cards, and knowledge of japanese cooking.


nathan and logan...

...were born this morning at 7:44am(nathan) and 7:47am(logan) the old fashioned way weighing in at 4lb14oz(nathan) and 4lb13oz(logan). there were no complications and erican had a short, (relatively) easy labor and all parties involved are doing great!

looks like i'll be heading to houston this sunday. time for hectic holly to kick in.

and now i will not be able to sleep tonight...

its 12:30am and i just got the call that erican has been having contractions for the past few hours and they're on their way to the hospital. i didnt know how i would feel when she hit this point, but now i know. I AM SO EXCITED! her husband is going to call me after they get her checked and know where she's at in the birthing process. i hope everytihng goes well. birthing twins vaginally is kinda rare from what i've read. it happens and her boys are lined up and ready to go according to her last sonogram, but there is still that looming possibility of a c-section (like with all pregnancies, but a little more thanks to babyX2.) i know a c-section is by no means the end of the world. i've had friends who had a c-section and they bounced right back. on the other hand, i've had friends who took over a month to get back to relative normality. i'm not really sure that erican is prepared for a c-section, which (i would think) would suck if faced she was faced with an emergency c-section NOW. regardless, i know they're ready to meet their babies by hook or scalpel!!! i hope all goes well and by this time tomorrow (or SOONER!!!) we have a couple new rascals to look after.


time for a big boy bed?

the boogerbear (yes, my 17month old child) is STILL co-sleeping with husband and i. i kinda sorta like him in there but the longer i put off getting him into his own bed the harder it will get to do it. quiet frankly, we're running out of space with our boy growing like a weed and i have a feeling it will be hard enough transitioning him now.

so, its time for mommy research mode to kick in. not so much for the method of how to get him sleeping in his own room (i've been doing that since before he was born... i fail in application there), but more so what kind of bed to get him. we have one of those transition cribs that goes from crib to toddler bed to full-sized bed. well, i've already ruled putting him into his crib (for the 1st time...) thanks to my personal fears of making him a jailbird due to a black crib. i'de rather not just use it as a toddler bed because i want to be able to lay down with him sometimes. SO, i wonder if getting him a full-sized matress and use the crib pieces as a headboard is the way to go. he's more than likely going to be a big boy, but not for a considerable amount of time. i assume that a full-sized bed will contain him for at least the length of time it takes for him to fully use bed/matress number one and then need a replacement bed which can be purchansed in queen size. maybe?

any advice on purchasing children's furniture? sucesses? failures? :)


another resolution post

i think resolutions are kinad lame. mostly because everyone always makes completely UNfun resolutions like: loose weight, quit smoking, go to the gym more, organized your desk, yada, yada, yada. despite my dislike, i am going to make resolutions this year. but on three levels of holly*fun.

on the lowest level of fun we have the oh-so-common loose weight. i would really like to continue what i started last year and drop another 20-40lb. other then being a healthy person (which my health stats, minus the number that shows up on the scale, already say i am), i really want to drop the 1st "baby weight" gain in order to have a clean slate for the next baby to work with. yes, i said it. THE NEXT BABY! getting knocked up is definately NOT a resolution for this year, BUT i would just like to be physically prepared for it when we decide to make an addition to the king family.

on the middle rung i have something i'm highly interested in doing but have been delayed thanks to an over-active devil toddler: stocking an etsy.com shop. you guys know all about that. heck, i even have another blog dedicated to it. so, enough about that.

on the top shelf of resolutions, i have one that is for me and a little for anyone who enters my home. i resolve to always have fresh flowers in my home. i know its trival and something most people do all the time, BUT with a "budget" (HA!) and a toddler and other things on your mind, flowers arent something a person considers for themself. but i like cut-flowers dangit! they make me happy. i can sit here and examine a vase of flowers until i find the words i was thinking of, until i calm down from something pissing me off, as i take a mental break from being a mommy/grown-up, etc... so, i will always have a vase of flowers on our table welcoming myself, my family and my friends into my home.

oh, part2 of top-shelf resolution is to post my weekly-ish bouquet to share with all of my cyberspace pals. so, here is my 1st two batches of flowers:

tulips (my favorite and courtesy of my mother) welcomed in the new year.

next i aquired a mixed bouquet from my favorite local flower place in santa cruz (the flower shack):

pretty flowers depite the bad lighting, but i will work on my photography skills more as a learn to use my new camera.

*end resolution post*


rain, rain, go away...

actually, you can stick around for a tad longer. rain often comes in handy.

the boogerbear and i dropped husband off at that dumb airport today and then hit up a craft store for some supplies. (like i really needed them...) after the stock up, we headed home for some snuggling and left over chicken&dumplings. what more could a mom ask for.

well, back to the snuggling.


today was a day.

a rainy day. a no cable day. a boring cleaning day.

so the bay area is under attack by some nasty storm (i think we should name it like hurricanes. although it has been fun telling husband "thar be a storm a brewin'.") apparently we've had 6+ inches of rain in the past 36 hours, which doesnt sound like a lot to you texans, BUT apparently, by the time the storm is over, we're going to get 10+ inches of rain which is more than we got during the entire year of 2007. we kinda have a drought. and people in california just dont react well to rain. i swear its all survivalist mode around here. i tried to buy a 6-pack of water for my car yesterday (because i like to keep water in the car for thursty moments) and they were out. i asked the stockdude and he was like "thar be a storm a brewin'." well, not really. but, he did say people were stocking up. um. ok. i believe in being prepared, but ITS RAIN! at worst we loose power for a bit or maybe the sewers back up, but really? you need 50gallons of water? silly people.

i did brave the weather the today in order to return to the ear, nose and throat guy to get looked at again and have my hearing checked. that went well. no more infection and i'm offically NOT deaf like husband thinks. (come to find out, he's a mumbler.) in fact, i have very "normal" hearing, BUT i MIGHT have a tiny hole in my left eardrum (the infected, yuck, ear). i have a follow up appointment in a few months to keep an eye on it, but chances are that was how my body got rid of the infection and it will continue to heal and my hearing will even improve with that. YAY for ears that work!

also, my buddy erican has been given 10 days to go into labor, otherwise she'll be induced and there will be two more cutie pie babies attacking this planet. i cant wait. its a neat feeling knowing someone will enter mommydom and kinda know when. with kirbs she was like, monday. everyone was like MONDAY!!! ok. i'm weird. i'm babbling. i think i had too much sugar today.

so, tomorrow husband is off again. it sucks because we're just getting back into our grove. my mom went back home yesterday (i was actually bummed to see her leave, which is kinda a new thing. we had a great time. everything that happened last year happened for a reason and i'm convinced she's a better person for it.) and we de-christmased the house. today he played bioshock ALL.DAY.LONG. ugh. such a creepy game. i will miss husband, but i will not miss his obsession with this game. so its the boogerbear and me for a while. we have big plans to organize and put away his toys, hang shelves, frame pictures, scrapbook the last 6months, hang out, and put away our old dishes and get our new fiestaware into the cabinets.

i'm actually very excited about the new dinnerware. currently we're using black stoneware from cost plus. its functional, but its starting to chip. and its boring. and we all know i cant be boring... i've been thinking about buying fiestaware for a while. all i did was mention it to my mom and she was on my laptop trying to find a few retired sets to give me for "after-christmas." next thing i new, i had 12 5-piece place settings in every color we could find them in on the way. the only thing i've received so far are a couple apricot cup&saucers and they're CUTE! *does a little happy dance*

ok, now that i've discussed dinnerware, i think thats a good time to depart and finish packing husband. night all.


so they're over...

i really, truely never thought the holidays would actually end. with all the cooking and cleaning and drinking and gifting and cleaning and eating and cleaning, i really never thought i would see the end of holiday season 2007. oh, but its over. here it is, officially 2008, and i still have an ungodly mess to clean/pack up, but i couldnt be happier. other than a few minor moments of mostly self-inficted insanity, we all survived, unharmed.

my mom is in town for a couple more days. then, husband leaves for germany for a few weeks. so, its back to the boogerbear and i. lots of cleaning organizing will be going down. i have some serious storage issues to address between the christmas decorations and mountains of toys. hopefully our lives will be interesting enough to blog about in 2008. i have a feeling, with the boogerbear around, it will be...



mamabird on the loose!

i'm officially going to make stuff this year. my crafts and the journey to them will be posted here for now. oh heck, whats one more feed to occassionally read? *big smiles*

so that was my quickie update for day one of 2008. there will be on big fat holiday update very, very soon. santa was good to holly this year...

hope everyone had a great holiday season 2007 and here's to an awesome 2008!!!


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