oh, that boogerbear!

so, it got a cold. well, it had a fever and now its coughing and i feel so bad for him (and the husband and i too. we're going on nil sleep!!!) this morning i went out and bought every hippy remedy i could get my hands on. ok, not really. but i did get an ultra cute penguin coldmist humidifier.

its been on all day and into the night. he certainly doesnt sound as froggy as he did before i turned on the power to the penguin. tomorrow morning we have a very early pediatrician appointment for a 15month check up. i think thats what's keeping me sane. the simple fact that i can just take him to the doc and dont have to worry about calling and talking and hemming and hawing... i did call last friday about the fever, but it was just a fever so warm baths and tylenol was the prescription. now, i dont think the doc can do anything more, EXCEPT check for an ear infection, which the boogerbear shows no pain in or near his ears so i doubt thats the problem. anywho, back to cleaning up the ungodly mess that child creates in a day.


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