maybe tuesday i will take a moment to breathe.

so we're back from the big T. it was a nice visit. it was an unwanted & unexpected, yet tolerable overnight stay in denver on the way home. but, we were thrilled to be back. i havent had time to slow down from traveling yet though. here's approximately what i've been through in the past few days:

we finally made it back home on thursday afternoon.
it was time to do laundry and make a shopping list.
asleep by 10pm. (a new record for early holly* bedtime i believe.)
factory installed, toddler alarm clock buzzes at me at 7:30 am.
commence AM routine.
procede to costco.
drive over "the hill" (yes, that hill) to pick up class materials for sunday's classes.
return home.
hit the park.
start precutting materials for class kits.
visit MIL & FIL.
take child to dinner with FIL.
return home.
finish kits.
SLEEP! (out by 10:30 this time around)
apply for hambly DT. (fingers crossed!!!)
touch base with SIL about suprise bday party for MIL to go down on sunday.
make shopping list.
hit the park.
grocery store visit.
pick up tart at MIL's favorite bakery.
return home.
make birthday pie.
continue cleaning.
SIL stops by.
decide we need to go to target and have burittos.
return home.
internal alarm clock wont let me sleep past 8am.
take quick shower and throw clothes on.
wake up child for "breakfast".
set out MIL's "day #1 of her bday week breakfast/dessert fruit tart"
really get dressed and head out the door for classes.
teach classes from 11am to 4pm.
head home.
immediately prepare dinner.
mashed potatoes (with black truffle oil), corn on the cob, and salad (mixed greens, thinly sliced apples, walnuts, blue cheese, and a holly* citrus vinagerette. aka. me throwing shit that taste good in a salad dressing container thing and forcing it on others. it turned out good...)
FIL grilled steaks.
let SIL do 1st load of dinner dishes.
lay lifelessly on the couch.
bathe child.
put said child to sleep.
finish a quick LO for an upcoming class.

now, toss in the antics and alterior motives of a toddler and there you have it. tomorrow i have a playdate, a need to drop off some stuff at the SB store, and something else that i've already forgotten. i wish husband would return home. i seem to slow down a whole lot when he's around. lazy bastard...

anywho, photos will be updated soon. projects will be updated soon. i might be a sane person soon, but dont count on any of it...


home tomorrow.

yep. its about time too. finally heading home from the family homestead. sad to leave but happy to get back to my own junk. hope everyone fared well while i was absent. i have some pretty neat photos to upload once i get back to the comfort of my own laptop. until then, sweet dreams...


when i get home from houston...

i think i'm going to start skating.

i'm serious.


mostly done packing

and i feel like a complete and total nut job. two suitcases (a large one and a "carry-on" sized one) a "diaper bag" and the poodle's pet carrier. the diaper bag and pet carrier are obviously coming with me on the plane. i managed to fit the dvd player, dvds, a couple battery opperated toys, snacks, diapers, wipes, extra clothes, a blankie, a cosmetic bag with my personal junk, my planner, and a couple pieces of reading material in case the booger takes a nap all into one bag. the large suitcase contains the boogerbear and my own clothing and toiletries. now for the nut job part, the smaller suitcase holds nothing but scrapbooking junk. nothing but. seriously? when did i become such a freak that i have to drag enough scrapbooking materials around to keep me occupied for the few weeks i'll be gone? actually, my mom and grandmother both have giagantic tables i can spread all over, so its kinda a treat to have so much space to play on. like i said before, i hope to get some stuff done. specifically, i have plans for a card making class and a doodle journal class in the works. i hope to get samples/sketches done for those classes. jeez, though, a whole suitcase. (actually, some of my mandatory supplies even leaked into the large suitcase. freak.)

tomorrow we say goodbye to husband. he is scheduled to be up, up and away for 4 weeks, but keeps telling me that it will more than likely only be three. i hope so, but not too much. if i'm really looking forward to it, then he'll be gone five weeks instead. i'm actually ok with him being gone. it is part of his job after all. but, i think the part that i'm dreading the most is him not coming home like normal tomorrow. i always look forward to seeing him when he gets off and comes home. oh well, its just one night and then we're off to houston. i hope the boogerbear isnt affected too much my his dadooo's (husband) absense. i mean, what almost two year old understands that daddy is just out of town? that he'll be coming back soon? no, he's not gone forever. he's done ok in the past for a couple weeks at a time or so, but he's obviously more aware these days that the first trips that husband made out of town/country. husband traveled a good deal this past winter and the booger did just fine for his mommy. well, except for that one day. but that was 6 months ago. a LOT has changed in that time. that boy loves his dadooo. that boy will miss his dadooo. oh sweet jebus, please dont let the booger take it out on me.


not even a morsel.

no tasty tuesday this week. or next week. or the week after that. sorry. but we're in high gear around here. we're all shipping off by this weekend to various parts of the globe, so lets add packing half the house to my normal list of to dos and we have my week.

i hope to return prior to my departure, but, once gone, texas is blogging black out time for me! well, mostly...


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