mr surly sir

listening: episodes of Dead Like Me

eating: apple slices

drinking: coffee

wearing: black yoga pants and a black tee shirt

feeling: a bit on the restless side

weather: kinda warm still, but bright and happy and pretty!

wanting: to finish cleaning my crap… erm crafty bits!

needing: to finish a hambly order before 5pm

thinking: i wish husband was home

enjoying: getting some crafting done at the store today (little things, but they count!)

wondering: how a surly sir like the boy can be so cute but such a little man…


afterschool snackin

its been quite hot around these parts for the past few days. poor little boy was so hot when i picked him up from preschool today, we got a treat. well he did. i got to clean up the sticky floor after he chowed down.

so husband is off again. not too long this time. only a couple weeks give or take. some of these fabs are just a mess to deal with. poor husband has to deal with not only then but me and my shenanigans too! Speaking of shenanigans, husband's mom and i are going to attack san carlos tomorrow and check out this little miniature store and a scrapbook joint. should be a good distraction for the day.

tonight i worked on a lovely pile of imaginisce. so many cute papers. loved the dinosaur line and the birthday line and the holiday line... so so so cute! which, of course, just makes it easy. another bonus! I have some of their fall line that i think i might pull out next. working on some thanksgiving tutorials for the crop spot and think that would be a perfect addition to the projects!



coffee and a banana

oh my is it morning. we've been up since 5am. pretty much insane for our house. BUT, we got husband off ok and it was nice to watch the sunrise on the drive home. on the way home, all i wanted to do was a make the biggest pot of coffee i could manage. and i did. coffee and a banana is a little bit of bliss right now.

fun times this afternoon. right now i think we're going to enjoy our breakfast and play some video games. but first i wanted to share a layout i did recently. this was my 1st go at playing with tattered angels glimmer glam. a truely wonderful glaze. it makes anything glow.

about a year ago i scored a huge box of vintage family photos. this one is actually my grandma. she is an amazing woman. i cherish every one of these photos i obtained and i'm so stingy with them. BUT, i knew once i saw graphic 45's on the boardwalk collection, that at least this photo found a home. there were plans for a more than not traditional heritage album. now that i start touching and organizing these photos, they are anything but traditional and i think i'm going to build an album to showcase that part of my family more. i really wish i lived closer to my grandma so i could hear more stories as i work on this.

ok. back to serious business video games! or maybe i'll go work on another layout...


oh boy!

hello Monday. how was your weekend? too short? yah... so monday is a day to work from home for me. and, for once, i really feel like working. i have some great ideas for tutorials over at the crop spot and they're mostly executed already! all i need is some good light for photos and to finish typing tutorials up. yay!

other than that, i have some pretty big projects going on. lets see. there's:
~finish kitting october's kit and finialize photos for the october reveal (most fun fall kit EVER!)
~wrap up details for november
~plan a DT shindig for the gals at MLO
~eat a banana
~work on contacts for starting a local branch of Shared Scraps (details to come)
~do a little purging and a little giveaway to match!

i know there is more, but these sound like good things to focus on. speaking of focus. i've been into 8x10" photos lately. love how they are so obviously the focal point of a layout.

i've been hording this pp from the girl's paperie for a good 6 months. not long in the grand scheme of things, but the simple fact it came out of my stash really says something. i dressed it up a little with a white grid overlay from hambly, some basic grey chipboard and a tiny bit of pink paislee to top everything off.

all around the layout i used my schmancy tim holtz ruler to mark holes and then punch them out using a 1/16" (or maybe it was 1/8") hole punch. then did a simple back to front threading of some american crafts ribbon! love this ribbon! its the printed woodgrain from their craft fair release like a year ago. such a great line!

ok. thats enough manufactures listed and babbling for me right now! :)

hope everyone has had a good jump start to their week! i have a feeling this week is going to be a good one!



yup, thats a sunday

Today was going to be a super fun day Sunday! but, I have a cold. more so i have the beginnings of an ear infection. boooo. my mother-in-law planned an adorable tea party for husband's niece. a fancy dress tea. a hats appropriate tea. a i missed it tea. i also missed my sister-in-law telling her family that SHE'S HAVING A BABY! aw. so excited. but, i cant believe i missed that. i hope someone got photos. i will have to send an email.

anywho, we still had an ok day. despite my not being able to hear, talk or really understand much, we went to burger today. it tasted like a burger. i was stoked. and the beers. must go back when i can imbibe. great place if you're around. made for a nice little outing to calm the boy down and pass some time. now, i'm watching cake boss. not sure why. kinda neat.kinda cliche.

i've been getting some paper turned into projects lately. AND i've also managed to take some photos!!!!! really need to get better at this. really need to. for tonight i'm good!

so, i've never really scrapbooked our poodle. Mister. he's quite the poo. yea, thats what we call him. mister, or poodle, or mister poo. we love of him. i wanted to make him a mini album that i could not only put photos i have of him now, but more to come. so this album has not only chipboard and acrylic pages, but i also did a simple pocket x4 so i can stuff in tons of photos. its projects like this where i cannot live with out my coor'dinations cardstock stash, hambly overlays and my bind-it-all.

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we showed the poodle his mini album. he wasnt into it...

anywho, i think its time to pump out some pumpkins for my fall table. thinking alcohol inks and glimmer glam. then maybe a york peppermint patty. yum.



do you know how much you can get done before 10am?

the answer is a lot. why dont i get up early more often? really? owait, bed is nice at 8am too. grrr. ok well, i'm at the store. getting all kinds of goodies together for many many many fun make & takes i need to plan like yesterday. we have my monthly technique ATC coming up friday, national cardmaking day on the 2nd, and then the Crop for Cure make & take which will be amazing to work on. so many cute things. i think i will get my sewing machine out for at least one of these. i'm in the mood for some stitching today. this weekend i managed to get started on a a few other projects. fall is going to be mega fun for my crafties. i have a big series planned for the crop spot so now i can take my paper ideas and put them on my pumpkins.

i did manage to finish and photograph at least ONE layout last night. here i am thinking about fall, BUT i could not refuse October Afternoon's Seaside line. so so so cute and simple. perfect for photos of a little boy i know who loves the beach! rain or shine. it does not matter. that kid loves the sand and water.

every layout needs a little something shiney imo. this is sometimes difficult if we're not using glitter. BUT i love my glssy accents these days. it really does dress up any paper by just enhancing a print with a bit of glossy accents. here i filled in the polka dots by adding a drop of glossy accents and letting it dry. so easy!
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now i just need to get done at the store and back home. i have a poodlie mini album started that is screaming for me!



i'm going to have some coffee now.

thats pretty much it right now...


feeling inspirationy

i've been at the store tonight getting design team packages ready and watching the duchess on instant netflix. was feeling a little blah, but now i'm feeling rejuvenated. why does this happen at 11pm at night?!?! well, anywho. i have a list for tomorrow going if nothing else:

1. schedule calendar for the rest of sept and october
2. take pictures. of anything
3. laundry (booooo, but everyone has to do it...)
4. work on class concepts
5. work on post ideas
6. do something FUN WITH THE FAMILY!

hope everyone is having the swingest of fridays!


home again, home again...

we made it back. in mostly one piece. i left my phone in houston but i was way too tired to care. naps were had and a good night's rest on my very own couch (i couldnt even make it to bed!)but now we're ready to rock in roll. my plan was to take the next week to clean upi the mess husband left when he went out of town because i thought we would be gone for like another week. WRONG. he's coming home tomorrow so i have a whole day to clean up everything. i wanted to focus on getting settled back into my desk today but i need to do everything else 1st because i know i will get too distracted if i stick around my craft lovelies for too long.

so, simple list for today, CLEAN... everything... and grocery store. omg we have no food. then back to work thurs. so excited to swing by the store, they got tons in while i was gone and i really want to touch some of these things. also, there are some kit goodies i've been waiting to get that i'm looking forward to as well.


back to cleaning. but i wanted to share a photo of the boy super quick. we went to space center houston while we were in town and i snapped a million photos. this one caught my eye. he looks so grown up. when did that happen?

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hey internet. how are you? we're fine. visitng family back home. soooo hot. man i'm a wuss.
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