the uncommon cold.

i still have a cold. still. over a week has passed and i still sit here hacking and snotting up the place. i feel better, but scare everyone within a 100feet radius of me that i'm going to hack up a lung at them. worse than that, the "drainage" keeps heading towards my ears. i have some drops (prescription vinegar & oil solution to be exact) that chases the "drainage" back into my head. good times. good times.

on a consumerism up note. as a family, we decided that its high time for theboogerbear to receive his first train set. the MIL has a fabulous wooden brio train set that tyler adores and i plan on recreating for our house as well. there is a couple bday returns that i think we will exchange for a simple starter set and some thomas pieces. oh yes, he's totally into the whole thomas thing. too bad that i'm just catching on that he's ready for this. we JUST missed Roaring Camp's special thomas the tank whatchamawhosit. oh well. there is always next year. until there there is wooden tracks and thomas dvds.


A Free Man said...

Our boy has a cold and it's clearly making him, and everyone else in the house, miserable. Hope yours gets better soon.

Joe said...

STILL Sick!?!? Dang lady. Does the man step up and give you time off when you're down and out?

hollystar said...

i'm FINALLY over it. just a nose blow in the morning and a few coughs if i get overly excited.

husband gives me a break, kinda. he has a hard time filling my shoes sometimes and he gets annoyed easily, so i can at least get him to stay home from work as long as i'm on the couch to supervise and offer advice...


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