tasty tuesday! (warning! link and possible japanese overload!)

in honor of husband's trip almost being over. fun things from japan where husband currently kills time, erm, works. maybe he'll bring me something back from this week's tasty tuesday. *hint, HINT*

Japanese fabric over at SuperBuzzy. i LOVE all the little animals that are showing up on japanese fabrics. plus, so many come in heavy weight cottons or canvas. love it!

Wikipedia tells us all about the bento box and i found a bunch of really neat bento boxes. love them! check out the hello kitty one! those condiment containers/onigiri shapers! i dont even like hello kitty but those are rad! the bean and panda shaped boxes are pretty cute too. the frog chopsticks box would have to be a must.

dont forget the bento cups! these look like they might do duel duty as bento cups AND cupcake papers. not sure about the exact size of them vs. cupcake wrappers though.

more hello kitty cuteness: sushi "Yumoni". look at those cute little sushi hello kitties!!!

anyone for a R2-D2 soy sauce bottle?

again with the hello kitty: its a "shoulder massager" you can also buy a set.

the boogerbear loves him some puzzles and i loves me some maps. here our two loves unite.

chopstick training is never a bad idea.

i would LOVE to have this totoro stamp set! look at those "cute little dust balls frolicking" i NEED one!

already on stamping, check out this faces stamp. NEAT! NEAT! NEAT!

these "vergitable shapers" would make some really neat buttons out of clay as well as make a veggie floral arrangements.

i cant mention japan without mentioning anime. ok. i mentioned it.

i'm also seeing a lot of these little guys around lately. domo-kun. cute, but a little creepy. nice little explaination of what the heck that thing is as well. domo.

there are so many cool things over at jbox.com. i had to stop otherwise i would still be adding links. i do love the quirkiness (?) of some of the japanese novelties. in honor of this post and all things tasty, i believe i will have some sushi today. i hope you too have a tasty tuesday!


TracyP said...

Ha!!!! These are all fabulous!!!!! I really like the Stamp set too:) I hope your Hubby brings you back lots of goodies:):) Oh and that fabric is WOW!!!!!

Lori said...

Cool stuff!!!! Hope you get surprised with lots of good stuff!!!

Jane said...

I L.O.V.E. all things Japan!! I really, really hope to go there someday. All that stuff is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

My hubby would die over the R2D2!
Cute stuff... love the fabric.

Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff. That fabric makes me want to learn how to sew. Maybe the hubby has a BIG surprise for you...

kinsey said...

dude, you said, "massagers" lmao! i swear- the random crap that makes me giggle :)

hollystar said...

if those are shoulder massagers then i'm the easter bunny.

A Free Man said...

I'm a map lover as well. Have been resisting buying a globe for Z at least until he hits his first birthday!

Glenda T. said...

I really, really want those dust bunny stamps!!! How cute are they?? I think that Joel dude should make those fabrics into papers...I love all the woodgrain ones!!

~r said...

hey! thanks for stopping by! love the japanese stuff...can't wait to go to the "city" and get me some!
nice to "meet you!


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