happy 25th and a HALF birthday TO ME!!!

this past weekend my MIL suprised me (yea, suprise me!?!?!? i know.) with a 25th and a half birthday party. back in my febuary (my actual birth month) we were sick and busy and everything else, so my birthday celebration kinda got postponed and postponed again. as a joke i decided i just wanted a 25th and a half birthday. i actually got a kinda sorta 25th birthday party in early march, but the idea of having a half birthday was pretty amusing to myself and my MIL too apparently because she assembled the family for a night of celebrating my 25-1/2 years on this planted. here are the photos from the night.

every party in our family has ballons. cupcake ballons for the win!!!

our little miss in her party dress. so cute. 

i had made my snoup (yes, i said snoup. not soup.) for husband's return to these united states and we ended up eating together. yummy.

BIL and one of his boys, strider. yes, like the lord of the rings. dorks. 

the boogerbear and our little lundon. the photo after this one is of the boogerbear making a growl like snarl and lundon SCREAMING his little head off. i mean, even in the photo, you can hear his squeal. it may show up for a WW one of these days...


more little miss and an approving great grandma by her side. 

auntie KT's buddy Gus. nice guy. probably thinks i'm a loone though. in my defense, i was a little on the tipsy, thus chatty side. oops. 

a bubble bee cake!!!! look at that little bee's smile. perfection. 

whats better than a happy 25th and a half birthday party you ask? getting gifts for turning 25 and a half!!! among the very sweet gifts i received, i got this book. very cute. i think the primary reason i got it though was because my MIL wants me to make her cupcakes that look like penguins. so do i....


Jo said...

happy half birthday!

A Free Man said...

Happy 25 1/2! Very Lewis Carrol of you guys!

Joe said...

I can't speak for the rest of your blog readers, but I would also love some penguin cupcakes.

KiS said...

sweet! i LOVE that cake thingy. it's fantastic. i like this idea of half birthdays, something to think about...


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