tasty tuesday!

just something quick. the boogerbear has taken over along with his mountains of toys and i'm also plotting against the garage with thoughts of creating a new, larger work space. so. i've been organizing and altering everything i dont remotely like with in our space. i wish i had something wicker. i would spray paint that bad boy bright red so fast it would know what hit it. mostly because it would be an inanimate piece of wicker furniture. but thats besides my point. the point is that i have been getting a lot of inspiration from sprout home.

this store has the most rocking wall decals and stencils. the boogerbear will be getting the the space invaders or the green paper airplanes. cant decide, but i havent painted in there yet, so it doesnt matter at this point anyhow. and i would love to have the white birds on a wire or the chainsaw or one of the wallpaper animals for my new workspace. again, havent painted it yet, so decals arent really an issue right now.

this is kinda a splurge, but the boogerbear needs an adorable gummy bear lamp for his room. along with the hippo wall hangers. or maybe i need those to display/photograph some of my junk. the children's plastic robot plates would add a dribble of color into an already overdecorated workspace...

go and peak at their furniture too. so many pretty clean lines, but then woven plastic, and then a rustic wod shelf. love the textures and colors.

last, but not least, my favorite would have to be their pillows. so yummy.

sorry about the one website post, but hopefully tuesdays will become tastier as i have more time. so, the boogerbear goes to kindergarden in roughly 3 years. expect more then...

happy tuesday everyone!

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