so very tired...

i some how just plain old wore myself out today. not sure how. sure i cleaned, cooked, cut, played, folded, and a meriad of other things. but thats all in a day's work. i might be a little on the sad side. husband has been gone for a week and is currently en route to japan. i always tend to worry when he travels. habbit. and then, i get sad when i worry and tired when i get sad. vicious cycle, but minor. i hope to make it an early night tonight. i hope.

on an up note, i'm almost ready to start listing my goods over at etsy.com. i've been working on policies and shipping and what not. still a little tweeking with my shipping policies and i need to photo my completed goods to actually make the listings, but i do what i can between the boogerbear's demands. i also printed and doodled a big fat stack of business cards today. they're plain but cute. before the offical grand opening of my shop i hope to complete a few more personal touches. i wanted to do some tags and some cutsie packaging and maybe scrap a store banner and scan it in. maybe i have enough energy to do that tonight. maybe.

anywho, hope all is well. i think i'll go watch something mindless on television.

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Joe said...

psssssshhhhttt.... just cleaning and cooking wears me out.... nevermind all the rest of that stuff. Just thinking about it makes me ready for a nap.


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