blackberry season.

i so want to go and pick some blackberries from my MIL's front yard. she has this giant blackberry thicket that has loads of berries turning ripe as i sit here im my worsening cold state. i can almost taste my grandma's cobbler recipe with those berries. well, i would be able to imagine the taste it if it weren't for my sinuses being cramed full of god only knows what preventing every and any functions of my head from occurring. maybe its time for another dose of some kind of cold/flu/allergy/conjestion drug. carry on.


A Free Man said...

Yum! One of the things that I will miss in the Southern Hemisphere is berries - black, rasp, blue - not a lot of them down here.

hollystar said...

that is one great thing about living so near the central valley on the west coast. we get pretty much everything here. if its not grown somewhere with in 200 miles of us, then its definately shipped in to satisfy those foriegners who work in silicon valley. durian anyone? i can even get tim tams if the occassion rises.

Dana said...

yum!! Those are making me hungry and wanting to go make myself some cobbler!!!


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