so mcuh to do. so little motivation.

our sleep schedules have been so out of whack lately and i'm really starting to pay for it. i guess i do have the motivation, just not the energy.

one thing i havent been slacking off on is this really lame work out video called: 10 minute solution. dance it off. its really horrible and cheesy, but i'm getting tired of taking walks and this at least amuses me even if its only to laugh at the instructor (or myself). its still a laugh.

i think i'm going to work on getting that boy to bed and dance it off again today...


Joe said...

Get a WiiFit... that jazz never gets old.

A Free Man said...

Our boy has started waking up at 5:24 in the morning for no good reason, so I hear you on the disturbed sleep schedule! Hope it gets better for you!


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