hair: a slender threadlike outgrowth of the epidermis of an animal

tomorrow i am getting a hair cut. an old hair cut infact. before i had a kid and thus lost the time to tend to personal care, i had a very dramatic, disconnected a-line cut. it was choppy. it was fun. it was easy to take care of. the last time i got a real haircut, more specifically that haircut, was feb.2, 2007. i've had a few trims, but nothing dramatic. no time. meh. anywho, now that my hair, which grows mega fast, is well past my shoulders it has dawned on my that i have a lot of super fine, super straight hair and all i do with it is knot it up on top of my head. sorry, no pics. its been a while, but i really miss hairSTYLE. i miss waking up in the morning and not worrying about hardly brushing my hair because it looked how i wanted it to when i had bedhead. it had spunk, if you will. anywho, i'm aiming to straighten my hair tonight and get some photos of the blah-ness and then get some after the cut. hopefully this haircut is as nifty as i remember it. if not, its going to be a long year and a half.

anywho, here are some inspiration photos i plan on taking to my stylist since i dont have any good photos with this haircut on my head:

charlize theron as aeon flux would have to be the number one inspiration for my cut. i love how choppy it is.

i like the exaturation of front sections of the original aeon flux. i have the length to keep the front a bit longer than my chin and when i place my hair behind my ears, which i am prone to, it will curl like that as well. we're not talking full circle here, but you get the idea.

last but not least, this lady also has a similar cut lately. meh. but it get a bit of the point across.


Joe said...

Pics or it didn't happen!!! I think it's an unwritten rule that women chop off their long hair immediately upon getting married. Sarah's in the process of growing hers back out.

hollystar said...

i chopped mine off about two years before the knot was tied. after i had the boogerbear i got lazy and didnt want to get a haircut as often as it took to keep that crop cute. no more will i be that lazy.

hollystar said...

oh, will post pix a little later tonight.

Sandy said...

welll.....how'd the haircut go?!! i'm gonna come back and look for the pics!! (-:

Cassie said...

I like you and thusly am adding you to my blogroll. I hope that you will post pics of that new do!
I am bringing back "thusly".


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