traveling clothes.

so i bought tyler this t-shirt a while back from milkbomb.com and got some good use out of it lately. i feel like he has to wear this shirt everytime we fly or its wasted. dont get me wrong. we wear it randomly as well as when we travel. i just really enjoy the faces of people who "get it". toddler travel is exciting. just like this layout i made to honor the awesome t-shirt.

so, husband is officially out of this time zone for a spell. as a result, i expect i will get more than usual done like every other time he's been out of town. in honor of getting loads of stuff done (which i havent actually done yet...) i think i will embark in a skirmish of age of empires and then hit the sack. tootaloo.


Jane said...

Love the t-shirt! So cute and so fitting.

Poop stickers...scratch and sniff? =)

Oh, I'm Jane, btw. I used to have a blog, but it was unceremoniously ended back in Feb. because of a snooping MIL...remember? =)

Anonymous said...

cute cute LO! :) your work is great.


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