no pictures. just me babbling.

par for the course, we've been keeping busy around these parts.

i've been working on some class layouts and sewing. with in the next week or two i hope to start stocking my etsy shop. i'm a bit hesitant to use etsy.com. sure its a super hip place to buy handmade/vintage goods. like a reborn ebay. or is it? or maybe i shold say was it? i've had more than one person tell me that i really should set up and stock this shop with whatever it is i make, but then i get down to it and i start in on my research and i wonder if i'm just going to waste the few cents it costs to put up a listing. etsy is a big place these days. i can see a few meager listings getting lost very easily. i guess its worth a shot? today i went to thesanta clara scrapbook expo and stocked up on more thickers and american craft papers (namely the entire travel and everyday collections)courtesy of green tangerine. i also visited the hambly studios which were awesome. i got some of there new papers (think bird cages and bicycles) and was able to gawk at the massinve screen printing machinery that they use. its amazing. we're not talking about a do it yourself screen for a canvas or even one of the fancy machine that prints on fabric. oh no. we're talking about a warehouse long maachine that prints on beautiful papers and overlays. not only do they make all of their screen prints at that location, but also their prismatic stickers which can be found at any michael's craft stores. if i have my facts straight, hambly stickers are a part of most of our past. think back at the end of those dreaded childhood doctor/dentist visits when you got some kind of small toy and a nifty sticker that came off a giant roll. a lot of those stickers were hambly stickers! but they were back in the day hambly. hambly has a new owner and while it still has those delightfully reminesent stickers, they have a whole new edge with their papers & overlays. ok, enough hambly horn tooting.

the boogerbear is in high gear these days, but what else is new? he's busy telling me his colors and animal sounds and repeating every effing word i say. every. effing. word. i also think he's potty training himself. for the past couple months we've been practicing sitting on the potty and just talking about it. for the past week or so, he's been ripping off his diaper, opening the bathroom door, and peeping in the potty. or sometimes he tells us he has to go. and there is nothing more hilarious than him sitting on his little baby bjorn potty and grunting as he lets out a HUGE fart. tomorrow, i think we're going to pick up a pack of training pants while we're at whole foods and see how that goes. i think i'm going to also start giving him stickers or some treat for everytime he POOPs in the potty. the peeping seems to be coming naturally, but i've heard some horror stories about 4year olds and poopie diapers. i think a little incentive on the poopie front might be worth a try. too bad hambly doesnt make prismatic stickers shaped like little turds. maybe i should email them...

husband is off again for a couple weeks. i see lots of gymboree and visits to grandma's house in our immediate future.

for now, i should go zip up husband's suitcase and hit the sack. for some ungodly reason, he booked an early flight tomorrow. yuck.

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kinsey said...

yay for green tangerines!!!! i was working the booth last weekend so i probably saw you :) hopefully you can come up to the store sometime and see us, it really is worth the trip, for sure.

ttyl and thanks for the shout out! kinsey


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