love me some lodger.

old, but never gets old. love lodger. i really need to order a replacement cd. i had got an import a long while ago when getting a lodger cd straight from finland was the only way to get it. but, it was borrowed and never returned by an unnamed producer of some really unnamed films when i spent a spell living in sun valley, idaho. oh the memories. i know i said idaho, but there are some beautiful mountains in central idaho. there is a small celeberty following there attempting to make sun valley the next aspen or park city. robin williams, bruce willis, the govenator. just a few examples of the icons that grace the valley with their love and $$. with those names comes the life style of LA. seriously. shopping in sun valley was like shopping in santa monica or in the boutiques near the hollywood hills. but, it was still casual since, well, we were in the middle of effing idaho! i recall very vividly listening to lodger's tunes on a GIGANTIC mp3 player (timeline wise: this was slightly before the release of the ipod nano) borrowed from the boyfriend of the time while hanging out by one of the cute little ponds with the poodle chasing god only knows what. the summers in sun valley are fabulous. i cant say i did a lot of these things while i was there, but there are TONS of hiking and biking trails. the casino was and i hope still is a KICK ASS bar! (ok, i did that a lot while i was living there...) a handful of good places to eat. a really yummy pizza place in near by hailey. cant remember what it was called... a cute movie theater where you can buy $5 a pop budwiesers. oh and did i mention the shopping? a good place for the outdoorsy type and semi fasionistas at the same time.

ok, now that i'm done with the travel agency schpeal for sun valley, have some lodger.


Music Girl said...

Hey girl ...wassup .. thanks for showing me love on my music and blog period glad you stopped in and now i found you back hee hee

Hope your weekend is going well boo ..

Anonymous said...

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