new love. (warning: fabric dork post)

i'm a bit behind the times, but i just noticed and fell head over heels for Joel Dewberry. look at that. i love him so much that i even capitolized his name correctly!!! i've been collecting his woodgrains from his aviary collection, but i love everything else he's put out! here are some of my favs that i will have to obtain and make something yummy out of....

from the aviary collection's bloom palette i can totally see the perfect nursery for a little girl. perfect. i can really see this growing with a little girl for some reason and the pink prints can be blended in with so many other fun colors.

from the aviary collection's bark palette, i can see so many accessories. purses, hair ties, buttons, belts, pillows. so beautiful.

LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE KICK BUT WOODGRAINS!!! i only have the dark green and the orange. i am so missing out on the woodgrain goodness!!!

from his manzanita collection i see quilts!

along with some coordinating solids, quilt #1:

quilt #2:

i cant wait to see what come out of this guy next!

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Jane said...

It's hard to believe that stuff is fabric! It's beautiful.


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