doin what i do.

i have officially joined the world of bloggers with custom titles. the blog was getting stale and i kept seeing people who had recent changes or a title i really liked in my daily reads, so i too did what was right and changed it up a bit. not sure how long this one will stick around, but i had a good time doing it. yay for a good time! next time i make one, i will scan it. yup. i will.


this is a copy of the purse i made for my SIL's bday a few weeks ago. i JUST HAD TO HAVE ONE TOO! sorry KT...


i'm finally getting serious about putting my ideas for around the house, well, on the house. i decided a while ago that our upstairs bath room (which came into our lives with the street walker red venetian plaster all over it) in black, white and shade of grey. anyone with any kind of color philosophy (and even some with out it) know that reds are impossible to match and i really didnt want this bathroom to look like a box of crayons barfed all over the place, so i took the easy way out with white linens (how generic) and a great grey textured shower curtain. and thus it remained for over two years. until the cow head was rebirthed and housed in the bathroom and now, a couple weeks later, the photo hanging has begun. my plan is all black and white photos framed in an assortment of black and/or white frames only. i like the collage so far. i have quite a few photos i still plan on framing, but ran out of frames for the moment. i think it makes the red a little more bearable. why dont i paint over it you ask? because i really like it. i'm just not up to the challenge of it over my blk & wht additions.

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Kelly ~ Mommy and the Marine said...

I like your header ;)
The b/w pics look very nice and I like the red. Much better than the *BROWN* in my MIL's bathroom. Seriously? BROWN... in a bathroom? Gross.

hollystar said...


brown allows, um, a little too much for the mind to play with in a bathroom imo....

KiS said...

1-love the new blog header
2-live the red! i have 2 red rooms and i think they look great with black frames and white matting. i wouldn't change a thing:)

kinsey said...

hey! thanks for the shoutout :) the new header is yum and can i just take this moment to say, bless you for understanding my harry potter hell! hahaha :)


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